A local 62-year-old man is desperately trying to keep the sport he loves alive. And that sport is rollerdisk. After
Parker Pettus
rollerdisking (aka roller frisbee) team in Boston disbanded, he moved to Portland, where he's determined to start a new team. What is rollerdisking, you might ask? Watch this video Pettus sent us, which involves spins, chest rolls and something called "airbrushing." We really hope it's for real.
At this time there is no roller frisbee team at all and I do not want to see the sporting love of my life fade away," he wrote WW. "I am determined to create a new team here, in Portland, where I think the sport would go over very well. It is very hard to find people who might want to learn how to play. I really do believe in this sport. I'm the last rollerdisk player and after 20 years of playing the game I don't want to see the game become extinct."
He certainly sounds sincere. As he mentions in the video, "playing roller frisbee by yourself is kinda like playing tennis like yourself"—so, you can imagine how much fun he's having right now. Also, the sport kinda looks like Roller Derby meets Xanadu, so we support it.
Image: Parker Pettus performing a few choice Rollerdisk moves.