The Hollywood Theatre keeps scoring coups: Just two weeks after bringing Michel Gondry to town with The Thorn in the Heart, the historic Sandy cinema has nabbed Nashville-based provocateur Harmony Korine, who will arrive next Saturday, June 19 with his very strange project Trash Humpers. (Yes, it is about withered old men who dry-hump piles of trash. Self-explanatory, really.)

At WW World Headquarters, we're frankly more excited about this Korine visit than we were about Gondry's drop-by. Korine is most famous for writing the screenplay for Kids, but he should be better known for his direction of authentically disturbing works like Gummo and Julien Donkey-Boy (with its scene of Werner Herzog spraying a teenager with a hose while muttering, "Quit your moody brooding") and for creating Mister Lonely, a film about celebrity impersonators which sticks in my mind as one of the loveliest films of the past decade. Also he painted this, which is breathtaking:

Harmony Korine art

Korine will speak at the June 19 evening shows of Trash Humpers; we'll get you the exact times when they're set. Meanwhile, to get a sense of what we're in for, take a gander at this Slashfilm interview. (Representative quote: "It's not really meant to be watched like a film. I would be fine if it was projected into a toilet bowl. It makes no difference to me. This is something that is more, like, unearthed, a found object, something that's drenched in blood. Or tossed in your granny's panty drawer. Something that you'd imagine a convict burying in the ass of a mule.")