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Whedonomics and Dark Horse Comics

Whedon and friendsOn Sunday night the bidding starts at $25,000 on eBay for lunch with Warren "All You Can Eat" Buffett, the proceeds going, as usual, to help San Francisco poor and homeless. But why not wait a day for the next entry in the charity auction gauntlet, and dine instead with Joss "All You Can Write For Television" Whedon? Last weekend Portland came down with Whedonitis, with Cinema 21 hosting a sing-along screening of his TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, while showings of his sci-fi movie Serenity at the Hollywood Theatre earned money for global women's rights group Equality Now.

Equality Now will also receive the profits from next month's eBay auction, with the five lucky nerds winners treated to a classy San Diego dinner with the man himself. Oregon's own Dark Horse Comics is footing the bill (but not paying for transportation it seems).

Finally, you can ask Whedon why he's no longer making a Wonder Woman movie, and which lesbians he consulted for his script to the touching film Alien: Resurrection.

Image by photographer Damian Dovarganes.
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