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Trailer of the Week: Bratz

Aww, it's Paris Jr.! Before I even watched this thing, I had questions: "Bratz"? Isn't that some line of dolls? They made a movie based on a line of dolls? I guess with Transformers (A MICHAEL BAY FILM) on the way, another toy spin-off shouldn't be surprising. Puncturing my blissful ignorance of today's youth culture, I then asked: what makes Bratz so popular as to warrant the Hollywood treatment? The answer, according to Margaret Talbot's New Yorker piece, is that they're like younger, bug-eyed Barbies, without the career aspirations (unless you count dressing slutty as a career). Wikipedia reports that Bratz dolls are also vaguely ethnic, like May Lin, the Japanese doll with the Chinese name, or like Jade, who has been sold with a shirt depicting a Chinese take-out box adorned with a Japanese flag.
[youtube thb-LFMqJE8]
Questions: Does this make any sense? Why isn't Paris Hilton dispensing valuable lessons in fabulousness? Why isn't this more offensive? Couldn't they get Gus van Sant to throw in a school shooting and call it "Gatz"?
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