June 14th, 2007 5:33 pm | by William Crawford News | Posted In: CLEAN UP

Survey Says: Portland Rules on Bikes


It's official: we bike to work more than any other large US city.

Minus Mayor Tom Potter (tied up with affairs concerning duct tape), U.S. Census Bureau director Louis Kincannon on Wednesday laid out our town's love for bike-commuting and public transport.

Portlanders commute by cycle eight times the national average, according to the Census Bureau. The latest stats from ‘05 say bikes are the mode of choice for about 3.5 percent of all Portland commuters, most usually wearing all their clothing.


Before we get too smug though, the stats also say Seattle and Oakland lead us in public transportation usage. But with 13.3% of workers on streetcars, buses and the Max, P-town's still over twice the national average.

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