And the vote is in: The Oregon House has voted 34-26 to approve HB 2007, which gives gay couples similar rights as married heteros.

Supporters of the bill were pleasantly surprised to pick up coupla Republicans outside the Willamette Valley: Reps. Chuck Burley from Bend and Bob Jenson from Pendleton. The third Republican voting yes with the 31 Democrats was Rep. Vicki Berger of Salem.

Meantime, here's one from the "rich with irony" department: House pages tried to block Aimee Wilson, the partner of Rep. Tina Kotek (D-Portland), from being on the floor during the debate because she wasn't a family member. Wilson eventually made it on the floor.

Next up on the House floor today: SB2, which would bar discrimination against gays.

And, again, a reminder to read WW tomorrow for our take on domestic partnership in the news section (page 8) as well as my take in "Queer Window" on the fresh-faced opposition.