A Taste of Italy,
An austere European chef (who had pulled himself up from his hardscrabble roots with regime-changing recipes) would mercilessly criticize my cooking throughout a moving montage, and after three minutes and dozens of grueling camera angles I would emerge a fantastic cook. As the last strains of “Eye of the Tiger” faded out, the camera would shift to Chef Bertrand Roughtumble. The quiet pride in his eyes lets the viewer know he believed in me all along. I was family to him, maybe even his long-lost son.
Rather that Chef Roughtumble there was the amiable Chef DJ
It is a class on basic recipes with a few techniques thrown in, designed to give the amateur a handy stack of Le Cordon Bleu recipe cards and a healthy dollop of confidence
Giant trays of desserts, swordfish, sausage and fresh made pasta stretch over large wooden tables, and all are eaten without a hint of pretension
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