Zach GalifianakisAwesome beard, better jokes.

A crowd of almost a thousand devoted fans piled into the Crystal Ballroom Friday the 9th, some wearing homemade Zach Galifianakis shirts. The red-maned comedian started off the show saying, "It's good to be here in the Crystal Ballroom. I once saw a really good Spin Doctors cover band here. It was actually just the Spin Doctors covering their own songs." Throughout the show he lumbered across the stage like a bear coming out of hibernation. He constantly ran his hands through his huge mop of hair as if he was pulling jokes straight out of his mangy ginger crop.

ZG is edgy enough to drop the N-word and then say, "That's how you do it, Michael Richards." And silly enough to say things like, "You know that kid who had sex with his high school teacher? I read today that he died. He died from high-fiving." You can tell he has his own thoughts and opinions about American politics, but he doesn't use the stage as a soapbox. Instead he says, "I would start a revolution, but I just bought a hammock."

After mild success on television shows like Comedians of Comedy and Dog Bites Man he is much more at home on the live stage. He burps into the microphone and then laughs to himself, "I just wrote that joke." Towards the beginning of the show he apologizes for looking at a piece of paper, presumably a set list, during his act. He promises that all it says is, "Just have fun with it. Be yourself." That is exactly what he does, and it makes for a great show.

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