With P-town's temperatures about as steady as a pogo stick, we've found that the only way to get dressed in the mornin' without having an aneurysm is to make for a good layering job. And Portland is home to a company that makes one of the easiest, warmest (and cutest) ways to layer—socks. Sock Dreams is a local online purveyor of all things socks related, from socks for your feet, hands and toes in all kinds of patterns and styles (argyle, o' chevrons, booties, Tabi, stripes, product_variety_1410thigh-highs, scrunchie, ribbed) and fabrics (knit, cashmere, fleece, hemp, angora, wool) to the point of overwhelmingly delightful sock addiction territory. Owner, Monique Natosi, was inspired to start Sock Dreams because of "a need for better socks" than what she was finding in local shops and online. We decided to ask her some burning questions about her dreamy pairings.product_variety_3934

Do you have any plans of opening a storefront, or do you prefer online services?
Online business is great because there is always someone who wants to shop and we are always accessible. That being said, we do want to open a small shop, maybe before the next big holiday season because we'd have more flexibility to sell some stuff that is hard to represent properly online. Plus, people have been begging us for years to open a shop so they can come in and browse. We have customers from other parts of the country who have called us while planning a visit to Portland wondering where our shop is. So, yes, it is definitely something on our minds. product_variety_325

Which pairs do you recommend everyone should have?
Everyone should have a pair of the Long Cuffable Scrunchable socks, a pair of the Super Dreamies and a pair of Biella's Niegos.

What are some sock faux pas, i.e. men, never wear white socks with dress pants, etc.?
I don't know that there is any major "faux pas." We hear from a lot of different people who are looking for or describing some pretty interesting outfits. It's really fun to hear what people are excited about...particularly when it sounds completely outrageous. As long as they are excited about what they are wearing…we are in full support of what they've got going.product_variety_3172

Is your buying affected by trends at all?
Yes, but not too much. I think that people appreciate that we don't only stock what's hitting the top of trend charts. We try to keep a wide variety of products available as long as people are happy to find them regardless whether they are "fashionable" or not. We had leg warmers and leggings way before anyone said they were "coming back". At the same time we have some funny, funky products that will probably never reach the trendsetters' favorites list but as long as someone expresses a desire to have them…we will provide them. product_variety_

Do you think Sock Dreams is a very Portland kind of business, i.e. inventive, artsy, quirky?
Absolutely, were a bunch of quirky dreamers with a vision to succeed and a need to be comfy no matter what the weather is doing.

I know these winter months must be your busiest time of the year. But what about Summer, when most people rarely wear socks?
Summer is definitely our slowest time, but it's always cold somewhere and we're open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, even if you live in Antarctica.

Will you be adding any other items, specific new socks, etc. that Portland should know about?
We're always adding stuff! The biggest news is that we're getting ready to move into a warehouse off Hawthorne & ninth, once we settle in there we are really going to take over the sock world!product_variety_1729

Visit www.sock-dreams.com for some major sock eye-candy. All Photos provided by Sock Dreams.

--Elianna Bar-El