WW: Do you see your sentence of 28 months (rather than 30 years) as a victory?
WW: During your trial, you spoke of your case having a “chilling effect” on defense attorneys. What kind of concrete evidence have you seen of this effect in the aftermath of your trial?
WW: People have said that when you were on trial, the American Left was on trial in a way. Do you think that distracted from your case at all?
WW: The New York Times said you were “careless, overemotional and politically naïve” in your representation of Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman. Do you think there is any truth to this characterization?
WW: You were aware of the Special Administrative Measures put on Sheikh Rahman's prison sentence. Do you admit that you violated the law when you disregarded them?
WW: You and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark have been jointly representing the Sheik, as you said. What, if anything, you have you done differently?
WW: Do you think that if Ramsey Clark had issued this press release to Reuters instead of you that he would be facing this kind of indictment?
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Thursday, March 8
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