February 13th, 2007 5:33 pm | by Nate Smith News | Posted In: CLEAN UP, CLEAN UP

Vulgar Vodka


A local distillery, New Deal Vodka, was dealt a swift kick in the butt last week when the federal Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau deemed New Deal's website (newdealdistillery.com) “vulgar, offensive, and in poor taste.” Tom Burkleaux, founder of New Deal Vodka, had the site changed over the weekend in order to comply with TTB's standards. What was so offensive about the site? The use of the words shit, damn, and the phrase “Bring the fucking joy.” Apparently the TTB is not in favor of joy of the fucking variety. Likewise, Burkleaux is not in favor of having his permit suspended, or even revoked, which is what prompted him to so quickly remove these words from his site. He even went so far as to air brush the nipples off the image of a statue. Now that New Deal's site is no longer in poor taste, the only question that remains is how does its vodka taste?

photo courtesy of www.newdealdistillery.com
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