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If You Smoke It...


The kids at Parkrose High called the yard near their football field the "Field of Dreams."

That's where Robert B. Kuhn, 47, grew pot for himself and two other medical marijuana users. Neighbors were none too happy about the open-air grow.

Kuhn pleaded guilty to delivery of marijuana yesterday and was sentenced to 60 days in jail and two years of probation. In exchange for his plea, three other charges including having drugs within 1,000 feet of a school and child endangerment were dropped.

"Proscuctors think of all these cases as drug cases," says Ann Witte, Kuhn's attorney. "I I think of them as medical cases."

Such cases are quickly becoming the battleground to define the use and abuse of Oregon's medical marijuana laws.

Kuhn was charged with drug delivery based on the quantity he had—he was not accused of trying to illegally sell the drugs.

"The only problem was that you could see it from a public place," Witte says. "We were down to arguing over three or four plants."

Kuhn will not be allowed to use marijuana while he's out on probation, she says.

Portland Police Sgt. Pat Walsh says medical marijuana abuse is a growing problem for law enforcement across the state. That's because there's no oversight once people have medical marijuana cards to make sure the proper quantities are being grown and that all of the drugs are making it to patients.

For more, see WW's Rogue of the Week tomorrow.
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