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Portland Fan Creates "Rex-O-Meter" for Big Game


In case you've been living under a rock, or are too focused on Iraq to care, this Sunday brings the quintessentially American pastime, the Super Bowl, to our 99” plasma flat screens.

Perhaps you thought this “super bowl” referred to the giant vats of guacamole or nacho cheez appearing this time of year. Or, if you're like me, you might be under the impression this is an event to showcase the most exorbitantly expensive advertisements in the world. But apparently, there is some activity that occurs between these micro-dramas known as a “football game”. This year it's between Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts, and Rex Grossman's Chicago Bears.

While many are looking at Manning for a potential choke, the real pressure is on the oft-maligned and under-favored Grossman, who rode a rollercoaster of his own creation into the big game. The Bears have not been to the Super Bowl for over 20 years, so hopes are running high for the franchise.
One Portland transplant (and admitted Bears fan), Daniel Deitschel, is putting Chicago's Grossman under particular scrutiny. Deitschel, a web designer, has set up a real-time tracking system for the QB's performance.

Dubbed the “Rex-O-Meter” (http://www.rexometer.com/), the site will have a continuous needle-gauge rating of Grossman—from “Bad Rex” to “Sexy Rexy”. Grossman will be scored on the “QB Scale”, created by Deitschel, which is similar to the NFL/CFL Passer Rating. But the QB Scale also accounts for “sacks, lost fumbles and rushing yards in its formula.” The scale ranges from zero for a nauseating game to 100 for hall-of-famer status.

So, if you are looking for something to do while Prince stages his own wardrobe malfunction during halftime, or you need a little assistance understanding what's going on in the game, wipe the wing sauce off your fingers and check out the Rex-O-Meter. Just remember that beer and computers can be a deadly combination, so consider assigning a designated web-surfer.
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