Today was the first annual Media Basketball Tournament, with 14 teams invited to play a series of 3-on-3, half-court games. The location? THE ROSE GARDEN! Each team was allowed a five-player squad, and WW sent its finest quintet.

Number 20, from Georgetown, Hank "the Tank" Stern!

Number 21, from Dartmouth, Lance "Kosmo" Kramer!

Number 22, from Bowling Green State University, Bryan "The Flying Dutchman" Van Norden!

Number 23, from Whitman College, Joe "Basketball Jones" Davis!

Number 24, from Principia College, Nate "the Rookie" Smith!

Our first game was against radio station Jammin' 95.5. It was a grueling match and Hank took a beating in the paint, but we pulled off an 11 to 8 victory. Yes, a hip-hop station got schooled by print nerds.

The second game...let's just say we're back in the office and at our computers again. But the team fought hard and we got a free lunch. That's what is important.

Here is a highlight clip of Hank getting run over.