WW: Lt. Watada has spoken to a lot of reporters. I interviewed him myself when he came to Portland last June and he was on Fresh Air talking to Terry Gross just last week. I'm curious about why you were singled out to testify in his case.
WW: Were you prepared to refuse the military subpoena?
WW: What kind of advice did you get about what might have happened if you had declined to cooperate with the subpoena?
WW: You were not asked for any confidential material or anything that was not already part of the public record and yet, you felt that taking the stand would have compromised your journalistic ethics. Is that right?
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Friday, February 2
8pm at Kaul Auditorium, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland. Free and open to the pubic.
Monday, February 5
9am-5pm outside Fort Lewis, WA. Exit 119, off I-5. Dress in warm clothes and bring food. Coffee will be provided. Free.
There's No José Here
7:30pm at Powell's Books on Hawthorne. Free.