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Kid's Coloring Books: The Latest Left-Wing Plot


Have you ever looked at your kid's coloring books and thought, “Man, my three-year-old just isn't getting enough information about members of the Black Panthers like Fred Hampton.” Or maybe you were thinking, “I sure would like to teach my child that it is okay to draw all over our walls.” Have no fear, babywit.com is here.

The snarky local baby tee and books company, which is sponsoring an event called Coloring For A Cause with Portland's chic baby boutique Black Wagon on Feb. 8, has released two coloring books that are perfect for your little ankle-biting activist to chew on. The Color of Dissent “celebrates revolutionaries and political visionaries in American history in an effort to expose children to the truths and individuals that are rarely, if ever, taught in school.” Phew! Finally our toddlers have access to the truth. But you know what? THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Why? Because they're friggin' babies!

So Much Love in Just One Can is a “contemporary graffiti and street art coloring book” and “seeks to legitimize graffiti as an art form.” This is a cool idea. Graffiti can be pretty cool looking. But one of the pictures in the book shows one kid hoisting another kid up to tag a wall. I'm sure the picture right before that was of the two kids politely asking for permission from the local proprietor to spray paint his wall. Fifty percent of all profits from the books benefit Books to Prisoners, a non-profit organization based out of Seattle which...gives books to prisoners and Pose2's Graffiti. Black Wagon, 3964 N Mississippi Ave., 888-0161. 6-9 pm, Thursday, Feb 8. Free.

Photo courtesy of Babywit.com and artist Ashley Montague
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