WW: Does the NWCRC have the same sort of broad definition of free speech as the ACLU, which will defend neo-Nazis who want to hold a demonstration as well as anti-war protesters who want to march in the street?
WW: What kind of action is the NWCRC taking to combat warrantless wiretaps?
WW: Do you find that doing this kind of work makes you more paranoid than the average citizen?
WW: I want to ask you about the recently formed racial profiling committee. Do you think better work will be done now that police union president Robert King is on board?
WW: Obviously, we've come a long way from a time when it was actually illegal for African-Americans to live in Oregon, but are we still one of the more racist states?
WW: Do you find yourself to be a victim of racial profiling of any kind?
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Friday, January 26
Meet on North Park Blocks at NW Park near Burnside at 5:30pm. Free.
Saturday, January 27
Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing 2:00pm. Free.
Tuesday, January 30
Emmanuel Temple, 1032 N Sumner St. 3-5pm. Free and open to the public.