Green Anarchy
Twilight of the Machines,
WW: I came here in a car. I checked the time on my cell phone as I was waiting for you and I'm recording you with a digital recorder. Are you judging me?
WW: Would you rather have dinner with Ted Kaczynski or Noam Chomsky?
WW: Eugene has been called a “hot-bed of anarchism.” Is it?
60 Minutes
WW: Do you think that property damage is an acceptable form of violence?
WW: What do you think individual people can do to bring about change?
WW: You're saying dialogue is the way to move forward, but at what point are you just talking in circles?
WW: But didn't you just give a talk and aren't you about to go have a beer?
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Tuesday, January 9
Paradigm Wars: Indigenous Peoples' Resistance to Globalization.
7:30 at Powell's City of Books, W Burnside at 10th Ave. Free.
Friday, January 12
7-9pm at the Bush School, 3400 E. Harrison St. Call 206-326-7731 to RSVP.
Saturday, January 13 and Sunday, January 14
Blood Diamond
1:45pm and 5:10 showings at Hollywood Theater 4122 NE Sandy Blvd. $6.
Monday, January 15
11am – 6pm at the Highland Christian Center, 7600 NE Glisan. $3 donation or 3 cans of non-parishable food.