WW: Why do you think we are seeing this downward trend in executions in the United States?
WW: What is your take on the execution of Sadaam Hussein?
WW: OADP has been fighting an uphill battle in Oregon for some time now. Any new ideas for 2007, now that Democrats have control of the legislature?
WW: What kind of alternatives to the death penalty does OADP propose?
WW: Why are these alternatives better or more effective than a death sentence?
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Wednesday, January 3
Rally to Support Suzanne Swift
11:30am Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action near Bangor Naval Base in Poulsbo, Washington. Directions available here.
Friday, January 5
Reading: John Zerzan
Running on Emptiness
Laughing Horse Bookstore 12 NE 10th Ave. 7-9pm. Free.
Saturday, January 6
Die-In at Pioneer Square
Pioneer Courthouse Square on Saturday at noon. Free.
Saturday, January 6 and Sunday, January 7
Screening: Jonestown
Saturday and Sunday 2:45pm at the Hollywood Theater 4122 NE Sandy Blvd. $6.