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FDP: Longer Interview with Wayne Leggett


Nineteen-year-old Wayne Leggett says his arrest in connection with the police investigation into burglaries by a juvenile ring known as FDP is “bullshit.”

The FDP (which stands for "Fuck Da Police") is a loose-knit gang of juveniles, ranging in age from 13 to 16, suspected in more than 40 local burglaries. Acting on information that Leggett served as the group's fence, Portland Police executed a search warrant at his house on Dec. 5. A few days later they charged him with with receiving stolen property.

“They put a bad name on my name and my house,” Legget says. “The neighborhood is full of old people who think we're all criminals. Even my dad and my mom. My dad was on the ground in handcuffs and he was like, ‘What is this for?' ”

Leggett admits he bought some DVDs from younger kids, but says he's not fencing stolen goods for them.

“There's no leader of the FDP because it's not a gang," he says. "It's just a bunch of kids. They're not dangerous." He blames most of the criminal activity on a small subset of the group.

Much like police descriptions, Leggett describes several of the teens' marijuana use as beyond the pale.

“They're perma-fried,” he says. “You can't even really talk to them."

Leggett says he's worried he'll lose the right to visit his two-year-old son over the felony charges police placed against him.

This week WW reported on how several of the teens in the FDP group have MySpace pages with references to the FDP and drugs. But Leggett says he's not concerned about the "420" reference on his MySpace page because he used to be a medical marijuana user due to an appetite disorder.

“I also want people to know that my dad had no charges pressed against him,” Leggett says. “My mom didn't either. My parents are good people had nothing to do with this.”

Police records of the search show they seized items including a digital video camera, laptop computer, binoculars, two DVD players, several electric guitars and a “bag of green leafy substance.”

Some of the seized items were returned to Leggett the next day, records show, including two swords, two machetes, an air pistol, a pellet gun, a “black backpack full of knives,” a microphone and an Xbox.
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