WW: What was it like to work with people from the business community and the city on the SAFE Committee? What surprised you?
WW: It sounds like there's still some tension between members of the SAFE Committee and City Hall.
WW: Do the SAFE Committee's recommendations, such as public restrooms, a day center and more benches downtown, really get at the root causes of homelessness?
WW: In terms of citizen and media involvement in this issue, do you have a sense that homelessness an issue that people tend to address around the holidays and then forget about once the season is over?
WW: What's up with this idea that some people ‘choose' to be homeless?
How does Portland compare with other cities in terms of access to services and attitudes towards the homeless?
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Tuesday, December 19
Screening: Terrorized Into Consumption
55 minutes beginning at 7 pm at Proper Eats Market and Café, 8638 N. Lombard Ave. Free.
Thursday, December 21
Homeless Persons Memorial Day
6-7pm in the Outside In courtyard 1132 SW 13th. Free.
Tuesday, January 2
New Year's Day Anti-Bush Protest
Sponsored by the South Side Democracy for America Meetup Group. 12pm at the Steel Bridge. Free.