December 13th, 2006 5:33 pm | by Ian Demsky News | Posted In: CLEAN UP

Green vs. "Green": From The Cutting Room Floor


Editors don't mean to be jerks. They just can't help it.

More often than not, there's more to say about a topic—any topic—than there's room for in the paper. And editors let their unslakable thirst for facts drive them to ask lots of questions. Those questions are usually answered at the expense of "funny" and "colorful" parts of a story. You know—the parts readers actually enjoy.

This week's new story Green vs. "Green" is one such example. The original version of the story closed with this:

A Freedom of Information Act request made by Bark to find out more about the assessment program even turned up a snarky comment about environmentalists' likely opposition to the [green certification] assessment.

James Roden of the Clackamas River Ranger District wrote in an e-mail to Mt. Hood's natural resource planner, “[T]he fact that our projects are going to cause the earth to spiral into the sun really soon might disqualify us from this certification process.”

(Photo courtesy of chadmiller.)
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