It looks like Free Geek isn't the only nonprofit the victim of recent theft. Some heartless individual broke into the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) Monday, November 12, making off with the staff computer, which houses the catalogue for the 5,500-title zine library. The burglars also took some monitors and couch cushion covers from the lobby.

"They had to know who we were and that we were here because there were no other robberies in the building, that I know of," said IPRC volunteer Mark Parker.

The IPRC, which inhabits a small space on the second floor of an office building on SW Oak St., is an essential resource for the city's growing community of zinesters. The nonprofit provides members and volunteers with access to self-publishing tools, from old-fashioned letterpress machines to fancy computer layout programs.

Parker said the thieves wore gloves and left police with no leads. "I guess they wanted some old monitors and used computer equipment," he said. "I don't see what their advantage was, besides that it was easy."