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FOOD FIGHT: And Now, the Pig Fight Shirt.

food comes from portland

Oh yes, somebody did. One of your fellow Portlanders (I'm assuming) has taken the initiative to create memorabilia for the Greatest Pig-Related Fight This Town Has Ever Seen. Now you can wear a T-shirt emblazoned with Eric Bechard's infamous pig fight battle cry.

Here's a close up for ya:

food comes from portland closeup

And there's more, from clocks to bags and water bottles. So now you can tote around your 100-fucking-percent locally grown pork product in a container that you can believe in. This enterprising person has also created a line featuring the another Bechard reference, "Let's see some titties," below a photo of Magic Garden.

Check out the whole Gettin' Piggy With It product line over on Cafe Press. I think I want the $22 apron.
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