It has come to the Portland Bureau of Transportation's attention that the bike lane leading from NE Couch onto the westbound Burnside Bridge may present a hazardous condition for bicyclists.

On Friday, April 30, in response to complaints and a bicycle injury, we closed the bike lane on the Couch approach structure and gave bicyclists exclusive access to a vehicle travel lane while we re-worked the lane configuration. Since that point, we have taken the following actions:

* Ground out the slippery bike lane stripe and replaced it with temporary (non-slip) paint;

* Prepared to re-stripe the street with a wider (6-foot) bike lane using non-slip textured striping;

* Prepared to install a new solid center lane stripe with raised bumps between the vehicle lanes to keep drivers from drifting out of their lane on the curve; and

* Prepared to install a three-foot painted buffer zone between the new, wider bike lane and the vehicle lane on the second curve of the transition. The buffer zone and bike lane striping will have bumps on the vehicle side so drivers receive a tangible warning if they enter the space designated for bicycles.