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Sam Adams Supports Arizona Boycott

Sam Adams

According to his Twitter feed, Mayor Sam Adams supports a possible ban on travel by City of Portland employees to Arizona, which two weeks ago enacted Senate Bill 1070 [PDF].

That bill, signed by Gov. Jan Brewer on April 23, gives local Arizona authorities broad state powers to question residents' immigration status and deport them. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom joined a national movement to denounce Arizona lawmakers on April 27, when he issued a moratorium on city-employee travel to Arizona.

Adams' move, assuming he follows up on his tweet, would be largely symbolic, given that Arizona is not a top destination for City of Portland employees. A spokesman for the mayor has not said if the mayor plans any action on the idea for a ban. (But we'll update the post if that changes.)

Update at 10:55 am: "Mayor Adams is profoundly upset by the civil rights implications of Arizona's new policy, which all but legitimizes racial profiling," spokesman Roy Kaufmann writes in an email. "We've already been in contact with Portland's Hispanic and Latino community leaders and we're studying our options to decide appropriate next steps. In the meantime, we applaud the civic leaders in Arizona who've already stood up and called for challenging their state's actions. And we want all Arizona entrepreneurs, especially those entrepreneurs in the Latino community, to know that Portland is open for business and welcomes all they have to offer."

Sam Adams on Arizona's anti-immigrant bill
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