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Scenes from the May Day Immigration March

May Day 2

We were in downtown Portland this afternoon with a few thousand of our closest friends to march for immigration reform. The rally at the South Park Blocks, followed by a 90-minute march through downtown, was one of 80-plus immigration protests scheduled nationwide for the May Day holiday.

Portland's anarchists promised trouble today, but they were relatively quiet during the march — sticking to the back of the crowd and occasionally threatening people who tried to snap pictures of them. They shoved a Fox 12 reporter and almost came to blows with one man taking photos of them.

There were nearly 100 people there who appeared to be affiliated with the anarchists (including our old friends at Rose City Antifa). With those numbers, if they decide to get rowdy later tonight, they could do some real damage.

But most of the marchers were Latino families and assorted Portland lefties protesting everything from war to health care to corporate bonuses. One group held signs urging Nike to "Just Pay It" — a reference to the labor controversy at Nike plants in Honduras. One man even held a sign saying The Oregonian "steals from its workers for profit."

Here are some of our photos from the march:

May Day 6

May Day 5

May Day 4

May Day 3

May Day 1
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