Disneynature's second annual Earth Day release (next year it's African Cats!) wasn't screened for us tree-slaughtering wretches, so we bought a ticket.



WW Critic's Score: 83

Disney requisitions a second wildlife documentary for its Disneynature label—but aside from similarly magnificent animal footage, Oceans could not be more different in character from last year's Earth. The abridgment of the BBC's Planet Earth series inserted ridiculous anthropomorphism, but Oceans, directed by the French duo of Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, is a far trippier affair. From opening shots of Galapagos iguanas watching a rocket launch, their leathery faces carrying the impassive expressions of village seers, the movie hearkens back to the meditative eeriness of early '60s mondo films. Astounding aquatic vistas jam together, as if every dolphin, cormorant and sardine decided to choreograph a ballet for the cameras. Even the ocean itself, in its tremendous, crashing waves, feels impressively Other. (Pierce Brosnan's clenched-teeth narration is appropriately spare and dispassionate.) When the expected shots of pollution arrive, it is impossible not to feel guilt—we have collectively defecated in a sparkling punchbowl. The film understands that a creature as gloriously strange as a blanket octopus is a mystery that must be left untouched. It is beautiful not because it is like us, but because it is so undiminishably different. G. Opened Friday at Century 16 Cedar Hills Crossing, Century at Clackamas Town Center, Century Eastport 16, Cinemas Bridgeport Village Stadium 18 IMAX, Evergreen Parkway Stadium 13, Lloyd Center Stadium 10 Cinema.