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Bridgetown Comedy Diaries: Night 2

Bridgetown Comedy Festival continues.

Mt. Tabor Theater

6 pm: Marc Maron opens his WTF Podcast with a long apology to the heckler he ripped apart yesterday.

6:36: Every comedian Maron brings out to be featured on his podcast also bring an anecdote about how Maron is a douchebag.

6:42: After a long conversation with Sean Patton about Patton returning to his New Orleans home post-Katrina, Maron turns to Ian Edwards in an attempt to get back on his good side after an awkward explanation of white guilt and asks if he's gone back home yet after the devastation in Jamaica.


7:02: The past 20 minutes have been consumed by everyone making fun of Marc for his Jamaica-Haiti mix-up.

Hawthorne Main Stage

7:48: Matt Besser and Matt Walsh begin the Asscat improv show with a long talk with attending Portlanders (apparently the festival's orientation video wasn't helpful enough). What is Portland all about? Apparently beer, strip clubs, and pride at our bad body odor. Weird crowd statistics, as determined by raised hands: There are more republicans in the crowd than people who have medical marijuana cards, and there are more people who have ridden on the back of an elephant than there are republicans. There are tons of people who have ridden on the back of an elephant. When did this happen?

8: The improv suggestion offered by some intrepid Portlander? Jiggletits. We are going to see an entire show based around ‘Jiggletits.”

8:17: This is an amazing show. I'm watching a sobbing man slowly being killed by a giant pair of eerily powerful breasts, and somehow my empathy lies with the breasts.

8:36: One part of their show forces the improvisers to invent ridiculous sex moves. The result: The Dirty Dentist, The Leering Whore, The Sturdy Gary Coleman, The General Washington Surprise, The Freddy Kruger, and my favorite, The Optimus Prime, where you turn into a truck and drive away afterwards.

9:35: Between performances. I'm shocked by how many people I talk to have no idea that what they're seeing is part of a larger festival. Regardless, there is standing room only in a lot of rooms at this point.

10:39: Theme Park just got off. They were fantastic as well, with scenes involving dueling hypersexual carpet salesmen, old lovers reconnoitering at a dentist's office, archery gone wrong, creepy children singing ‘Ring Around the Rosie,” ex-stars of low visibility sports, and many acronyms.

The Bagdad

10:45: All the shows seem to have unofficially been pushed back half an hour,

12:23: Just got out of a show headlined by Hal Sparks, and while he wasn't amazing the rest of the comics killed, especially Kyle Kinane and local comic Auggie Smith.

Mt. Tabor Theater

12:30: Iron Comic hosted by Moshe Kasher and Nato Green. Comics are all give a topic and 10 minutes to write a bit about it. Maria Bamford is the clear winner in the first round (A Bit About Having Too Much Coffee) for her crazy facial expressions, but Tig Notaro is a close second with a bit tying coffee lovers to chocolate enthusiasts.
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