Runaways lead singer Cherie Currie
Willamette Week: Would you say you've been doing more interviews in the past few months than even back in your Runaways days?
How many times have you seen the movie?
I've heard you've had a pretty positive reaction to it. Did that change with each viewing?
They didn't want to include the part in your book where you had been raped before joining The Runaways?
I know Joan was a co-producer for the film. Did you two confer on the set, like, “They're doing this right and this wrong”?
Having worked so closely with Dakota, who is experiencing fame at a similar age as you did, do you feel the pressures of fame have changed since the '70s, or the way young people are introduced to fame?
Did you and Joan give Dakota and Kristen any advice?
Are you currently into any of the modern girl rock movements, any bands that were born from what The Runaways started?
Most recently you've been into chainsaw art carving…tell me about this, how did you find this? What is it?
In your book, you depict a scene where your producer Kim Fowley has sex with a young girl in front of the band. Do you wish they would have included a scene like that in the film?
Do you think with Hollywood films, they would rather have a simpler story thread?