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Sisters Of The Road Opposes New Sidewalk Proposal

Brendan Phillips

Sisters of the Road community organizer Brendan Phillips raised concerns in this interview we ran in this week's WW about Mayor Sam Adams' sidewalk plan for downtown Portland, the Rose Quarter and Lloyd District. And now this afternoon, Sisters announced in this statement [PDF] that it opposes the mayor's proposal because the advocacy group says it would "unfairly target people experiencing homelessness and/or those experiencing poverty."

Organizers are encouraging people who share those objections to contact the mayor's office by the 5 pm deadline for comment this Friday, April 2 with these talking points:

  • This ordinance has undertones of classism that should not be in our laws. Let's all work together to dismantle classism in our community.

  • Our sidewalks are for everybody, not just people with money and houses, to be able to use, enjoy and feel safe on.

  • There are laws that already exist that will keep us all safe on our sidewalks. Extra sidewalk laws have been shown in the past to target people who have no place to go and have been deemed unconstitutional.

  • People without houses need to be sheltered from the elements and the street, if only by a wall and an awning.

  • Fund affordable housing! Housing means opportunity and a place to be!

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