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Al Gore,

Portland played a bizarre cameo of sorts in last night's episode of CBS's The Good Wife. The Tuesday night drama portrayed a female masseuse's claim that "the most beloved Democrat in America" asked her to rub his adductor muscle during a late-night, VIP massage at a boutique hotel. Sound familiar?

OK, so the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Democrat in this fictionalized version of real life is "Joe Kent" not "Al Gore" and the Tribune is The Chicago Tribune not The Portland Tribune.

In many other respects, the television storyline hews closely to the local version of Molly Hagerty's allegations against Gore. The masseuse on TV had an inconsistent story. She didn't try to leave the room at the first opportunity. The VIP used a pseudonym at the hotel. Prosecutors failed to fully investigate at the outset. Also, the massage cost $650 (because, let's face it, the real price of $540 doesn't have the same ring to it).

One major thing the script lacked was a winning description of the alleged attacker. In that one way, real life—with its "crazed sex poodles" and "lummoxes"—is stranger than fiction. The full episode is online here.
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