First Quarter
Second Quarter
blasé. This is the first time I've ever been able to hear the recorded male voice under the chants of "DE-fense!" It's kind of a freaky voice. Like the one in Scream.
Jerryd Bayless hits a three-second-technical foul shot, and people are clapping like it's a fucking golf tournament. This is horrible.
Space Ghost, sensing this game slipping into a place where there are no SportsCenter highlights, just the score listed alongside whoever was playing the Timberwolves, drives in for a three-point play. Crowd explodes in gratitude. 42-30, Blazers, and we hit the half. Gah.
I am reduced to sub-verbal expressions.
The entertainment is women shooting free throws. Really. If one of them hits her shot, she gets a free pair of shoes. I'm afraid to say anything more about this, other than I don't think it will ever end.
Third Quarter
Saunders said it was a cumulative result of Blatche's behavior during yesterday's loss to New Orleans, a game in which he played 17 minutes, didn't take a single shot and finished with three rebounds, three turnovers and two blocks. After the game, Blatche was seen fully dressed in front of Randy Foye's locker, spraying Foye's cologne on as Wizards trainer Eric Waters asked him if he was coming into the training room for his knee. "Do I look like i care about my knee?" answered Blatche, who then left.
wizard whale
Fourth Quarter
Final score: 76-74, Blazers.