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Cheap Eats 2010 Errata

It is inherent to the nature of any large project with a sufficiently long production cycle that, no matter how thorough your fact-checking, some details will change by the time the thing's finally printed. Our Cheap Eats guide, which hit the streets today, is no exception. I've already been made aware of two three! errors.

First, Foster Burger (whose Black and White Fries, pictured above, are delicious) announced this Monday that the restaurant is now open daily. The new hours, which are not yet on the restaurant's website, are 5-10 pm Monday-Friday and noon-10 pm Saturday-Sunday.

Second, the Soondubu Chigae that we praised at Tanuki in the guide's lead feature, 25 More Amazing Things To Put In Your Mouth For $7 Or Less, is no longer on the menu. I'll allow owner Janis Martin to explain:
Funny thing about the Soondubu Chigae...

I had to pull it off the menu because non drinkers kept getting it, drinking nothing but water, refusing to order the recommended rice accompaniment. Then sending it back expecting it to be taken off their bill because it was "too salty & too spicy".


You hear that, picky eaters? If you send food back, Janis won't make it anymore and everyone will suffer. So cut it out.

Third: The "vegan sandwich" India Nicholas describes eating at Bunk Sandwiches ("made with olive oil-soaked cauliflower, ricotta, mozzarella and hot peppers") is obviously a vegetarian, not vegan, sandwich. I can't blame that one on anyone but me.
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