Bethany of Best Coast
Kat: Have you ever participated in a car wash?
Do you go to the carwashes to get it washed? Have you ever had it washed?
That is pretty cool. Ok, arm-wrestling, thumb wrestling or Indian leg wrestling?
Indian leg wrestling? It's when you lie on your back, feet towards your opponent, lift up your leg and interlock them and then try to flip the other person over.
What's your favorite way to spend a Sunday?
Do you have any TV shows you like to watch more than others?
The Sopranos
Jersey Shore
Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey
Do you have a favorite character from the Jersey Shore?
What's your favorite color to pair with black?
What album are you most stoked to see on a jukebox?
It doesn't have to be THE one, but one that if you saw it you'd be like: yeah! I'm excited to see you.
If you were building your own house, what is one feature you'd make sure to include?
Any specific kind of swimming pool? Indoor? Outdoor?
That sounds pretty good to me. What's the most memorable childhood poster you had on your wall?
Did you throw it away or do you still have it?
Favorite way to watch a movie?
What's your favorite band from Motown?
Ok. Beatles, Beach Boys or the Rolling Stones?
Do you have a favorite Beatle?
Yeah. They're really surprisingly good. A late find for me. Do you surf?
What's the last thing you can remember really laughing about?
What was the band?
Have you ever gone crowd surfing before?
Do you have any pets right now?
What are their personalities like, in a nut shell?
Do they get along?
Box wine. Yeah or Nay?
Favorite John Hughes movie?
16 Candles
He's great with music in his movies.
What's your favorite slang term for the word “good?"
Favorite thing that you have in your purse right now?
Do you have a special brand of chapstick?
What's your least favorite hairstyle?
If you could put on a record right now, what would you go for?
Thank Me Later
Ok, final question: Do you have anything you'd like to say to Portland or anyone in Portland before you get here?
Gluten Free Donuts at Holocene, Hopefully: