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Irrelevant Interviews: Best Coast

Bethany of Best CoastMy favorite thing about Best Coast is the way the music makes me feel. I know this sounds utterly corny, but when the music starts playing I find myself thinking back on how it felt to lie in the grass and daydream—stoned—as a teenager. No, I'm not that young, but I wish I was a teenager right now just so I could turn her music up on my headphones, stare at the clouds, and think about everything that is so pressing to think about when you're 17 years old. And stoned. It would be perfect.

My second favorite thing about Best Coast is that behind the incredible hype and buzz this band has accumulated this past year or two, there is substance and history that most other hyped-out bands can't claim. Best Coast was born out of weird and dark psych favorites, Pocahaunted (aka "the Olsen Twins of Drone," which released almost 25 albums in its first three years) and frontwoman Bethany Cosentino is not a manufactured indie pop idol. Nope, she's just an utterly hotshit musician!

Bethany of Best Coast

Kat: Have you ever participated in a car wash?

Bethany: I washed a car before by hand but I have never participated in an actual car wash.

Do you go to the carwashes to get it washed? Have you ever had it washed?
I have gone to one to get it washed, but I am the worst at keeping my car clean. It hasn't been washed in, like, a year. I'm also not ever home to drive my car. I like to go to those ones where you do the car wash yourself, though, more than getting it washed. I think those are fun. There's a place up the street that will fill up your gas tank for free if you get your car washed there, too, so that's pretty cool.

That is pretty cool. Ok, arm-wrestling, thumb wrestling or Indian leg wrestling?
Arm wrestling. Thumb wrestling is too easy; your thumb's not a very strong muscle. I don't know about the last one. What is that?

Indian leg wrestling? It's when you lie on your back, feet towards your opponent, lift up your leg and interlock them and then try to flip the other person over.
Oh! Ok. Ok. Yeah. That can go dangerous so I'm sticking with arm-wrestling.

What's your favorite way to spend a Sunday?
Just at home watching TV. I do that a lot but Sunday's the day of rest, you know, and I like to rest. Sometimes I go see a movie. I go out to lunch with my dad a lot on Sundays; that's kind of dad and daughter go to lunch day.

Do you have any TV shows you like to watch more than others?
Seinfeld. The Sopranos. I really like really bad reality TV shows like Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey. I love TV. I'll pretty much watch anything. Whatever's on.

Do you have a favorite character from the Jersey Shore?
Snooki. 100%.

Yeah. She's my all-time fav.

What's your favorite color to pair with black?
Dark green. Like a dark everest kind of green; army green. I have this really cool old army jacket that I like to wear when I wear black. And gray. I think black and gray look really good together, too.

What album are you most stoked to see on a jukebox?
Wow. That's a hard question…Geez. I don't even know; I'm trying to think…

It doesn't have to be THE one, but one that if you saw it you'd be like: yeah! I'm excited to see you.
I like when I see the Pretenders on a jukebox. I'm not going to say it's a specific record, but just like, every time I see a Pretenders song on a jukebox I get pretty excited. I'm a pretty big Pretenders fan. They are really, really good.

If you were building your own house, what is one feature you'd make sure to include?
A swimming pool.

Any specific kind of swimming pool? Indoor? Outdoor?
A heated outdoor pool with a waterslide and a Jacuzzi.

That sounds pretty good to me. What's the most memorable childhood poster you had on your wall?
I had this “Return to Saturn” No Doubt poster, the one with the record cover on it. My friend and I drew all over everybody in No Doubt except for Gwen when we were 12 or 13—not that we didn't like them, we loved all of them, but we were like, “Oh it'd be really funny if we draw devil horns on Tony.” That was on my wall for a really long time. Until I moved out of my mom's house when I was 17 or 18.

Did you throw it away or do you still have it?
I think my mom kept it. My mom kept all of my weird stuff when I moved. I'm too much of a hoarder—my house is completely filled with shit—but my mom always keeps weird stuff like that.

Favorite way to watch a movie?

What's your favorite band from Motown?
Mmmm. Wow…that's a really good question. Um. Let me think. Ohh. Probably--man I don't know. That's a really really good question. I don't want to choose the wrong one. I don't know. Probably the Temptations. The Tempataions are really awesome. I think that they have some of the best songs. I'm also, like a …ok now I'm thinking of a bunch. Like The Temptations. Diana Ross and the Supremes. Stevie Wonder was Motown, right?

Yeah. Stevie Wonder. I think all of those people—Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, the Four Tops, The Temptations. I love basically everything that Motown ever put out. Yeah, but Temptations are probably my fav out of all of those.

Ok. Beatles, Beach Boys or the Rolling Stones?
I'm gonna say the Beatles, even though I love the Beach Boys and I like the Rolling Stones, but I mean, yea, I don't think the Beach Boys would really exist without the Beatles. The Beatles are who we have to thank for most pop music. So I definitely say Beatles.

Do you have a favorite Beatle?
I really like George. I like George a lot. I love George's solo records.

Yeah. They're really surprisingly good. A late find for me. Do you surf?
I do not. I've never tried, I never will try, I'm horrified of surfing. Although I respect people who can do it.

What's the last thing you can remember really laughing about?
I was at a show the other night and one of my closest friends,—he's a real crazy party guy—we were sitting on the side of the stage and we were like, “You should crowd surf,” 'cause it was like an all ages show and kids were going pretty crazy, and we were like “You should crowd surf." And he was like, “No, I don't want to.” And we got him to crowd surf and my friend Camille recorded it on her iPhone. It was really funny when it happened, but when I watched the video back, that's when I laughed really hard. It was just—it was so good. It was so good.

What was the band?

Have you ever gone crowd surfing before?
I have. I broke my finger once at a Battle of the Bands at the Key Club in Hollywood. I lied to my parents and told them that I smashed it in a bathroom door 'cause my parents were always like—I mean I went to like Pop-Punk shows and stuff when I was14 and my parents were like, “Don't go in the mosh pit! Girls get groped and they get pushed down, and just don't do it,” and I was like, “Yeah, whatever.” But of course my friends and I were like, “Yeah we're 14 and tiny, we have to go in there!” I was never one of the ones that jumped off the stage, I was the kind that got my friends to lift me up. But anyway, one time I got dropped on the ground and fell on my finger. I didn't [really] break it, but I sprained it really bad and had to lie to my parents about it. I had to go to the doctor and lied to the doctor about it and the doctor was kind of looking at me like, “You didn't smash this in a door.” I had to wear a splint on my finger and I went to school the next week, and was like, “Yes! I broke my finger in a mosh pit!” I felt really like a bad ass,

Do you have any pets right now?
I have two cats. I have a cat named Snacks and I have a cat named Chloe.

What are their personalities like, in a nut shell?
Snacks is like the real life Garfield. And Chloe is like a really sweet old woman. She's 16—a pretty old cat—and I've had her since I was a little kid. She's like a really sweet old lady that gets annoyed with you sometimes and can be a bit of a bitch, but she's very sweet at heart

Do they get along?
They're not the best of friends, but they get along well enough. They used to fight a lot and yell at each other and like run around the house chasing each other, but I think they've gotten used to each other now that they've been living together for long enough that they kind of let each other do their own thing.

Box wine. Yeah or Nay?
Nay, hate it. It's disgusting

Favorite John Hughes movie?
16 Candles.

What was your favorite part about it?
The first time I saw it I was in junior high and felt like I could really relate to Molly Ringwald. She was kind of dorky and had a crush on like a cool guy and I definitely was like that in high school. I thought I was really punk but I would always have a crush on the most average normal dude who played football or something like that. And I also love the party scene in that movie. It reminds me of being a teenager because I watched it all the time as a teenager.

And the end of that movie is really good, too. When they kiss on the table and the really good song comes on. That's the best part of that movie.

He's great with music in his movies.
Yeah, definitely.

What's your favorite slang term for the word “good?"

Favorite thing that you have in your purse right now?

Do you have a special brand of chapstick?
I use this very generic Vaseline brand chapstick. It has no scent or taste or whatever and it does the job very well. And if I ever lose it I get very pissed and then I just go buy a new one. It's really cheap. It's in the dollar bin area at Target all the time.

What's your least favorite hairstyle?
Spiky hair. I liked it a lot as a teenage girl, but now I think it's really gross when guys have spiky hair with gel in it. And my least favorite hair—I'm going to give you my least favorite hair for a girl too—I don't like the “Victoria Beckham” haircut where the front pieces are longer and the back is short. I'm not into that.

If you could put on a record right now, what would you go for?
I'd probably put on Drake's Thank Me Later, cause it's my favorite record right now and it's the only record I really listen to. Every morning when I'm getting dressed, I'm like, “Ok, what should I listen to?” and it's like always the same fucking thing. It's always Drake.

Ok, final question: Do you have anything you'd like to say to Portland or anyone in Portland before you get here?
Somebody at Voodoo Doughnuts should make a gluten-free donut so I can eat one cause their donuts are really good, I've heard, but I can't eat them because I have a gluten allergy, so, make that happen Portland!

Gluten Free Donuts at Holocene, Hopefully: Best Coast'll be there at least, playing with Sonny & the Sunsets and the Reservations at Holocene on Thursday, Oct. 28. Doors at 8:30 pm. $12 advance, $14 day of show. 21+.
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