Day four? Day fucking four? Is that right? We think that's right. But we're too tired to really know—the ringing hasn't stopped when we hit Mississippi Studios for donuts and Bloody Marys, nor when we bounce on the Crystal Ballroom's bouncy floors or pack into a crowded-as-shit Dante's. This is MFNW. And every second we spend writing this intro is a second we're not in a club. So here ya go...
Bed, 11 am.
Mississippi Studios, 1:14 pm.
Mississippi Studios, 2:20 pm
Mississippi Studios, 2:53 pm
Personal Life
The Body, The Blood, The Machine
More Parts Per Million
Mississippi Studios, 2:40 pm.
Pioneer Courthouse Square, 6:10 pm.
Backspace, 7:10 pm.
B-Side Tavern, 7:30 pm.
The Decemberists (Inger Klekacz)
Mary's Club, 7:34 pm.
Pioneer Courthouse Square, 7:37 pm.
Backspace, 7:58 pm
Pioneer Courthouse Square, 7:52 pm.
Satyricon, 8:05 pm.
Pioneer Courthouse Square, 8:23 pm.
Doug Fir, 9:00 pm.
Backspace, 8:10 pm.
Backspace, 8:28 pm.
Pioneer Courthouse Square, 8:30 pm.
Pioneer Courthouse Square, 8:43 pm.
Backspace, 8:55 pm.
Roseland Theater, 9:03 pm.
Pioneer Courthouse Square, 8:57 pm.
Doug Fir, 9:08 pm.
Doug Fir, 9:12 pm.
Slabtown Community Festival, 9:14 pm.
Ash St. Saloon, 9:15 pm.
Jimmy Mak's, 9:20 pm
Doug Fir, 9:28 pm.
Ash St. Saloon, 9:50 pm.
BOAT (Since we didn't have any photos, we give you this instead.)
Backspace, 10:02 pm.
Backspace, 10:02 pm.
Doug Fir, 10:10 pm.
Backspace, 10:10 pm.
Backspace, 10:12 pm.
This American Life
Backspace, 10:15 pm.
Berbati's Pan, 10:12 pm.
Backspace, 10:19 pm.
Doug Fir, 10:25 pm.
Backspace, 10:20 pm.
Backspace, 10:25 pm.
Backspace, 10:27 pm.
Backspace, 10:34 pm.
Doug Fir, 10:35 pm.
Doug Fir, 10:39 pm.
Doug Fir, 10:40 pm.
Crystal Ballroom, 10:45 pm.
Roseland Theater, 10:56 pm.
The Dodos (Jared Eberhardt)
The DoDos_Jared Eberhardt
Backspace, 11:06 pm.
Roseland Theater, 11:10 pm.
Sleep (Jared Eberhardt)
Sleep_Jared Eberhardt
Backspace, 11:15 pm.
Backspace, 11:15 pm.
Backspace, 11:16 pm.
Smashing Pumpkins (Jeff Walls)
Wonder Ballroom, 11:23 pm.
Crystal Ballroom, 11:25 pm.
Crystal Ballroom, 11:31 pm
Friend and Foe
Holocene, 11:33 pm.
Crystal Ballroom, 11:35 pm.
Backspace, 11:36 pm.
Backspace, 11:39 pm.
Holocene, 11:42 pm.
Berbati's Pan, 11:45 pm.
Portland Cello Project (Ro Tam)
Mississippi Studios, 11:47 pm.
Mississippi Studios, 11:53 pm.
Crystal Ballroom, 11:58 pm
Backspace, 12:01 pm.
Crystal Ballroom, 12:05 am.
Dante's, 12:15 pm.
Jimmy Mak's, 12:20 am.
Edit: Yes, there was a lot of chair kicking
Holocene, 12:25 am.
Crooked Fingers (Ro Tam)
Mississippi Studios, 12:39 am.
Mississippi Studios, 12:47 am.
Ash St. Saloon, 12:48 pm.
Dante's, 1 am.
Mississippi Studios, 1:09 am.
Beauty Bar, 2:09 am.
Beauty Bar, 2:12 am.
Portland, 2:25 am.
Yellow Burrito Truck, 3:35 am.
Top photo by Jared Eberhardt