Here we are, day four of MFNW's five-day marathon, and only slightly worse for wear. Last night had its epic moments--some of mine included the Black Lips screaming like dinosaurs; the Shaky Hands playing their last show with the current lineup; Okkervil River playing "Red"; tacos at the after-party--and a couple of disappointments, as well. Read on, if you're not already downtown getting pumped for the Decemberists. See you tonight! -Casey
Wonder Ballroom, 4:45 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 4:51 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 4:55 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 5:00 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 5:13 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 5:30 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 5:45 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 5:50 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 5:55 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 6:16 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 6:18 pm.
YouTube find! Surfer Blood at Wonder Ballroom.
Wonder Ballroom, 6:19 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 7:03 pm.
Backspace, 7:20pm
Wonder Ballroom, 7:20 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 7:25 pm
Yo Gabba Gabba!
Backspace, 7:28 pm.
S. Carey (Inger Klekacz)
Wonder Ballroom, 7:30 pm.
Wonder Ballroom, 7:30 pm.
SW Sixth and Burnside, 7:48pm.
Outside Wonder Ballroom, 7:50 pm.
Roseland, 8:00pm
Outside Berbati's Pan, 8:01pm
Backspace, 8:15pm
Backspace, 8:17pm
Backspace, 8:28pm
Someday Lounge, 8:30pm
Holocene, 8:31 pm.
Slabtown Community Festival, 8:33 pm.
Ash Street Saloon, 8:37 pm
Someday Lounge, 8:45 p.m.
Holocene, 8:50 pm.
Berbati's Pan, 9:07pm
Holocene, 9:11 pm.
Berbati's, 9:14 pm
Waiting for the Bus at the Corner of Belmont and 24th, 9:17 pm
Holocene, 9:28 pm.
Hawthorne Theater, 9:30 pm.
Holocene, 9:31 pm.
Mississippi Studios, 9:31 pm.
Someday Lounge, 9:32pm
Slabtown Community Fest, 9:39 pm.
Slabtown Community Fest, 9:50 pm.
Holocene, 9:54 pm.
Holocene, 10 pm.
Roseland, 10:00 pm
Roseland, 10:00 pm
Roseland, 10:07 pm.
Roseland, 10:09 pm
Roseland, 10:10 pm
Holocene, 10:13 pm.
Crystal Ballroom, 10:15 pm
Roseland, 10:15 pm
Doug Fir, 10:15 pm.
Crystal Ballroom, 10:20 pm
Holocene, 10:20 pm.
Roseland, 10:20 pm
Roseland, 10:28 pm.
Roseland, 10:29 pm
Wiz Khalifa (Leah Nash)
Holocene, 10:35 pm.
Roseland, 10:27 pm
Roseland, 10:35 pm
Holocene, 10:40 pm.
Roseland, 10:41 pm
Mississippi Studios, 10:44 pm.
Holocene, 10:54 pm
Crystal Ballroom, 11:05
Okkervil River (Ro Tam)
Crystal Ballroom, 11:05
Holocene, 11:06 pm.
Burnside Bridge, 11:07 pm.
Holocene, 11:09 pm.
Dante's, 11:10
Backspace, 11:24 pm.
Cave Singers (Inger Klekacz)
Doug Fir, 11:28 pm.
Dante's, 11:30 pm
Mississippi Studios, 11:30 pm.
Backspace, 11:34 pm.
Someday Lounge, 11:37 pm.
Crystal Ballroom, 11:45 pm
Backspace, 11:46 pm.
Sandbox Studios, 11:45 pm.
Mississippi Studios, 12 am.
Shonen Knife (Jeff Walls)
Crystal Ballroom, 12:04 am.
Crystal Ballroom, 12:10 am
Doug Fir, 12:10 am
Tallest Man on Earth (Inger Klekacz)
Someday Lounge, 12:15 am.
Doug Fir, 12:20 am.
Rotture, 12:29 am.
Rotture, 12:34 am.
Doug Fir, 12:36 am
Dante's, 12:38 am.
The Gories (Vivian Johnson)
the gories_vivianjohnson002
Rotture, 12:41 am.
Someday Lounge, 12:48 am.
Doug Fir, 1 am
Someday Lounge, 1:05 am
Doug Fir, 1:15 am
Dante's, 1:35 am.
Sandbox Studios, 2 am.
Sandbox Studio, 2:15 am.
Sandbox Studio, 2:11 am.
Berbati's Pan, 2:13 am.
Builders and the Butchers (Autumn Andel)
The Builders & Butchers_Autumn Andel
Sandbox Studios, 3:01 am.
Sandbox Studios, 3:01 am
Sandbox Studios, 3:20 am
Sandbox Studios, 3:33 am.
Richmond Fontaine (Autumn Andel)
Richmond Fontaine_Autumn Andel
(Bobby Bare Jr. photo at top by Ro Tam)