Kat: If you were born anywhere, where would you choose?
Can you describe for me one of you favorite relatives—excluding your mom, dad, or sibling?
What are they like?
Can you describe one of the last times you saw them.
If you had to choose would you become a director, a movie star, or a screenwriter?
Yes Movie Star.
Do you have a go-to Thai dish, Indian dish and sushi roll, and if so what are they?
How spicy can you go?
How bout sushi? Is there any fish that you will not touch?
What was the thing that surprised you that you didn't get grossed out by?
What's your favorite song to cover?
OK. Another kind of cover question: What's your favorite cover or bedspread look like?
Do you have a favorite one that you've had for a while? Something sentimental?
If a plan to rob a bank was presented to you, and it seemed totally fool proof—no chance of getting caught that you could see—would you participate in it?
Yeah. It's pretty dangerous. I can understand.
Yeah. I suppose so…unless you were in a heist movie. If you were in a heist movie, then maybe?
Set it Off Part II
Set it Off Part II
Vegas or Disneyland?
Did you go there often when you were a kid?
Do you remember your favorite part of it?
When's your birthday?
Oh! Happy Birthday!
How'd you celebrate it this year?
How old did you turn?
Would you consider yourself a plant person?
Do you have any plants right now?
Is there a fruit or a vegetable that you that you picked fresh that blew your mind this summer?
Did you make anything out of them?
Also a fruit or vegetable question: If you were a fruit or a vegetable what would you be? And you can answer it for each other.
What's the grossest hotel you've stayed out?
If you could get a famous visual artist to do a portrait of you guys who would you get to do it?
Yeah. Dead or alive.
Have you ever made homemade ice cream before?
What kind do you think you're going to make?
Saxophone: sexy or nerdy.
Skaters or breakdancers?
How about if you could be really good at one or the other?
What super power do you think you would have? Not the one that you want, but the one you think you'd have if you got hit by some kind of radioactive lightning bolt. What kind of power do you think you would acquire?
OK. Final question. I've been asking everyone this one, been trying to find the definitive answer, so I thought I'd ask you too…In the Meatloaf song “I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)” What is “that”?
Well that is definitely the best answer I've got so far.