By George Winston

IMAGE: Joe del Tufo

"Hey Now Baby"
I've been working on the 1949 version of this piece from Professor Longhair's reissue album, New Orleans Piano, for 31 years, and I'm almost there (maybe).

"Break on Through (to the Other Side)"
From the Doors' first album in 1967. This is the album that inspired me to begin playing organ. I've been working on this piece for 43 years and I'm almost there.

"Isoka Labaleka"
Played as an instrumental acoustic-guitar solo by the great South African "Blind Man and his Guitar," as listed on the 78 RPM record. I know of no other recording by this artist. I wish more could have been recorded on him. This track changed my perspective on everything. (For more on the Blind Man, see

"Happy New Year"
By the Botswana guitarist Ronnie Moipolai (YouTube link:

"Peaches En Regalia"
By Frank Zappa, from his 1969 instrumental album Hot Rats. The late, great 20th-century American composer had many facets to him.

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