The Lights
Kat: Do you have any bumper stickers on your car?
If you had to put one bumper sticker on your car, what would you put on. Or what's your favorite bumper sticker?
Polka dots or stripes?
Are any of you wearing stripes right now?
What are you wearing right now?
Wait. Didn't one of you say you're wearing stripes?
Favorite neon color?
What's your favorite neon sign?
Where's the most embarrassing place you've been drunk?
Did she know you were drunk?
How old were you?
Was it day drinking or at night?
And you still didn't want to let the grandma know that you were drunk?
How old's your grandma?
Favorite member of KISS?
Vinnie Vincent?
Not the one dressed like a kitty-cat, though?
Favorite WWF star?
What were all the costumes like?
Did you ever get to go to a wrestling match when you were a kid?
How long have you guys known each other?
Did you guys ever go to see sports together?
Yes, it does.
What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?
I think it's just “Black or White.”
Do you have any memories associated with Michael Jackson when you were a kid?
Lets hope so. What's the best vacation you've ever taken?
What's your favorite town to tour, though?
Is it because of the weather? Or the friends you have there? Or is it just the city itself?
What were your summer vacations like?
How old were you?
What's your most vivid memory of that?
Did you pee on it?
What's your favorite swim hole?
What's it like?
The world's largest lava lamp?!*
How large was it?
That's crazy. I wonder if it works.
Favorite band when you were 15?
American Beauty
I think it's a great album.
Sex Pistols or the Clash?
Ah. That was too easy.
Apparently not. Okay, your most coveted record.
Have you ever experienced—through yourself or another—a text message breakup?
What's the nerdiest way you pass the time or have passed the time. Have you ever been into Dungeons and Dragons or Magic Cards, or…
What is the first tattoo you got?
Is it in the same place that a wedding ring would be?
Okay, last question. I am going to name three liquors and the three of you are going to have to decide which one of you is which liquor. Are you ready?
Gin, rum and 99 Bananas.
It's a banana lacquer. 99 proof. Hard to drink a lot of it, but funny.
That's it. Done. I'm going to make a drink of rum, 99 Bananas, gin and Red Bull and call it the Lights for you guys. It'll be blended.
DRINK THE LIGHTS AT BERBATI'S (hopefully it'll be on special!):
Soap Lake, Washington - Proposed Largest Lava Lamp, New Sundial
We stopped off to swim (or wade anyway) in the "healing" waters of Soap Lake and to find out the status on the "World's Largest Lava Lamp." We happened into a wonderful little liquor store on Main Street with an owner who has been in Soap Lake for over 10 years. He told us that the lava lamp is still in storage. Apparently it was purchased from a display on the side of a Target store in New York City and it does not use heat, it has bags of liquid that move around.