"Lady Gaga rides bikes?!?"
bastardized Wizard of Oz theme
an angel statue that cried blood
here's four things I ended up just plain loving about Gaga.
1. Bitch can SING.
watching her hunker over a baby grand piano clad in a spiked leather bikini to belt out her new slow song "You and I" would convince anybody that this woman is the read deal.
2. Costumes changes can be as interesting as dance routines.
The dress seemed to move via remote control, the two-foot headdress fanning in and out like an artificial lung as the platform she stood upon lifted at least 20 feet in the air.
3. Lady Gaga next career will be as an inspirational speaker.
It was all oddly positive and endearing. Especially coming from a lady with sparklers attached to her boobs and crotch.
4. Those Lady Gaga fans are just freakin' adorable...
Lady Gaga's Nipple Baring Fans
Lady Gaga Fans: Telephone cig shades
FULL LADY GAGA DIEHARD PORTLAND FAN SLIDESHOW (with a few fuzzy concert shots too for your viewing pleasure).