Kat: What's your favorite debut album?
Is This It?
Favorite childhood cartoon?
Rocco's Modern Life
The animated series?
Did you identify with any of the characters on Rugrats?
Best tombstone you've ever heard of or seen.
Favorite monster: Frankenstein, Dracula or a Werewolf?
Do you have a favorite TV show?
30 Rock
Who doesn't want to be Jack Donaghy?
Which word is funnier: crap or turd?
What's the largest picture on your wall?
Do you live in a big house full of people?
Have you ever had an accident involving fireworks?
Coolest bong you've ever seen?
Ice bong?! It was made out of ice?
I guess I don't. But I think an ice bong—a bong made out of ice—would be a really awesome.
What was the last record you were listening to?
Sam Cooke Live
Patrick Swayze or Kurt Russell?
What's your favorite Swayze movie?
Dirty Dancing
He was in Point Break.
Point Break
It has Whoopi Goldberg.
Nope…Star Trek or Star Wars?
Star Trek
Star Wars
All the way through the Jar Jar Binks series?
What's your favorite vegetable?
Raw or…
Um… Eggplant or pickles.
Pickles are pretty awesome.
I have. I pickled some jalapenos a couple weeks ago. We had a pickling party, and they came out really well.
It's kind of a vegetable… a vinegarized vegetable…
Yes, but you can't really pickle fruit. You can pickle eggs, though…And pickled eggs aren't really a vegetable…
What's the best personalized license plate you've seen in a while?
Pete & Pete
If you were a circus freak, what kind would you want to be?
Would you be a lady, or would you be a man pretending to be a lady? With a beard.
And surprising! If you could collaborate with anyone—alive and still making music—who would you choose?
Well, I don't play music professionally, so I think I'd just choose someone who it'd be fun to hang out with…and that might be…Willie Nelson.
What does your mom do for a living?
Does she take care of small children or one specific family?
That's awesome.
Then that would be an awkward question and I would cut it out of the interview. What holiday do you enjoy celebrating the most?
Did you dress up as something last year?
That would have been an awesome costume.
You're already laying claims on it and it's still the summer. I think that costume is yours.
Photo by Bobby McHugh.
*[PS. I can't stress enough how fucking cool this festival is going to be. If you haven't been to Enchanted Forest yet, (or even if you have) this place will blow your mind! Seriously one of the most amazing places I have ever been in my life. Roger Tofte, who hand-crafted this amusement park piece by piece and continues to into his '80s, is an artistic genius. Seeing so many fantastic bands here is going to be epic! Other performers include Typhoon, Sons of Huns, Skeletron, Reporter, The Peculiar Pretzelmen, and Ghost to Falco.]