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Irrelevant Interviews: The Spinto Band

Irrelevant Interviews Logo (white)If it was up to me, The Spinto Band would be world's most popular boy band ever. With its catchy hooks, basement genius aesthetic and scrappy get-up, this adorable septet from Deleware is indie pop at its finest. Live, they are addictive and enthusiastic, catapulting from one end of the stage to the other, dripping in sweat and blowing “ohhs” and “ahhs” through the occasional kazoo. With two sets of brothers, and two long-term friends (we're talking since short pants) in the group, to say these guys are in sync with each other is an understatement. I'm surprised they can't read each other's minds yet.

Or maybe they can…Either way, the Spinto Band plays some mean pop gems.

(In true teen-‘zine-boy-band fashion, I got all their vital stats. Girls, don't you worry...)
The Spinto Band

Name: Thomas Hughes
Birthday: Feburary 15, 1983 (Aquarius)
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'7”
Instrument: Bass Guitar

Animal, vegetable or mineral?

Why animal?
Cause you can play with it.

Do you have a favorite animal?
Yeah. Octopus, I think. It has a lot of cool features. It can change color. Squirt ink. It's got a beak. The legs are pretty rad and they're pretty intelligent, too.

And they can predict the future.
Yeah. That too.

If you had to get a tattoo right this very second, where and what would it be?
Oh geez…I have to get it?

You have to get it. You don't have a choice.
K…Um…I think I'd get a bubble. The Bubble Bobble video game character. Over my belly button.

Favorite Herb Albert cover?
“Whipped Cream and Other Delights” was a favorite of mine since I was a child. But then there was this really striking one that just caught my eye…I can't remember the title of it. Bright blue background and it's like “Herb Albert Rides Again.” That's not the actual title, but it's something similar to that.

[I'm fairly sure the album is Going Places ]


Name: Jeffrey Hobson
Birth Day: March 28th, 1984 (Aries)
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'6” (On his license it says 5'7” but he thinks he's actually 5'6”)
Instrument: Drums

Funniest thing you've seen this year:
I just saw this funny YouTube video of a guy washing his hands in a urinal. I thought that was pretty hilarious.

He was just washing his hands in the urinal? Did he know it was a urinal?
It was at a festival. They got this…it was like a trough. There was a lady doing a TV interview show

From inside of a bathroom?
Yeah. I guess so. Anyway this guys comes in and washes his hands in the urinal and uses one of those smelly things—the urinal cake—as soap.

Oh gross…
Yeah. That made me laugh. Very hard.

Have you ever been in a fist fight?
No, not a proper one. Only with my friends. It was never a serious matter.

What was your biggest run in with the law?
I got citations for underage drinking twice, but that was when I was in high school.


Name: Joe Hobson
Birthday: July 26th, 1986 (Leo)
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'4”
Instrument: Guitar

Needlepoint, knitting or embroidery?
Embroidery, I think I'd have to go with. I feel like it can be more detailed with it. I guess the other ones could be, too, but I just lean towards embroidery.

YouTube video go-to?
Oh man. Usually AVN. This public access QVC kinda show where they're selling this stuff and it's hilarious. And people have never seen it usually. It's a good thing to pull out in that sort of situation.


Name: Nick Krill
Birthday: August 10th, 1982 (Leo)
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'11”
Instrument: Guitar

What was your worst heckling experience?
One of our first concerts in Philadelphia we definitely had someone say, “We're going to take you out behind the concert and rape you.” That's probably the worst.

How ‘bout most memorable Christmas present as a child?
Probably a Gameboy.

Do you remember the first game you got?
Tetris was the game that came with it, so that was probably the first game I really played.

Besides music, what's your dream job?
It can't be related to music at all?

Not even a little bit?

Maybe I'd try photography, I guess.


Name: Sam Hughes
Birthday: August 15th, 1985 (Leo)
Height: 5'9”
Eye Color: Hazel
Instrument: Keyboards

What's your favorite kind of food your mom makes?
I'm going to go with chicken pot pie.

Does she do anything special with it? Does she make her own crust.
She has in the past. Not all everytime.

Is that your favorite way she makes it or do you like more “pre-fab” crusts a little bit more?
No. I love her homemade crusts.

Worst thing a lady can do on a first date?
I know this is a really vague answer, but if she talks about something that's really dumb—if she just says something that I would never agree with—I just can't stand that.


Name: Jon Eaton
Birthday: July 8th, 1981 (Cancer)
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: Average
Instrument: Guitar

Favorite swimming hole:
Catch of the Day Stadium at Detonia. [For the life of me I can't confirm that this is a real place. -KG] Well, it's not really a swimming “hole”; it's a pool. But it has a diving board that is renowned for being the place where people sacrifice their bodies in a belly flop all to catch a Nerf football.

Favorite Hard liquor:
That's a hard question. I'd say for festivities—which is really when I like to drink hard liquor—it'd have to be tequila.

Favorite dinosaur:
I always like the freakier ones. Like the stegosaurus. I always kind of marveled at that one. Tiny head. Giant Belly.

JUMP UP, JUMP UP AND GET DOWN!: The Spinto Band is playing with Miniature Tigers and Rauelsson (welcome back!) at Mississippi Studios on July 22. Doors are at 8 pm, showtime at 9 pm. $9 adv/$11 dos

The Spinto Band
(The urinal hand-and-face-washing video was removed from YouTube. Bummer!)
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