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Video: Catherine Feeny Hangs Out with Zombies

dead feeny! eek!I like Catherine Feeny! The Portland songwriter (a veteran of the Hotel Cafe tour, though you'd never know it from her other band, Come Gather Round Us), is about as friendly, awesome and D.I.Y. singer-songwriter as you're likely to find in Portland (which is saying a lot). She played one of our Portland Makes Music showcases, and it just couldn't have gone more smoothly.

I'm not a huge fan of this particular song of hers, truth be told. Her People in the Hole EP has some really great tunes on it, and to my ear, this one doesn't rank with the best of them. But on the other hand, I can totally imagine this song being a hit (like her "Mr. Blue," which you may remember). There are few people around I'd be happier to see score a hit—that's how much I like Catherine Feeny.

You know what else I like? Zombies. And I know you the jaded among you are saying "zombies are the new pirates," but you're wrong. Pirates don't make great social commentary, zombies do. And Catherine Feeny's zombie-themed video for "People In the Hole" is sorta right up my alley. I like the way it plays with the song's meaning, too—even if, like I said, this isn't my favorite Feeny song. On with the show!

[youtube width="500" height="404"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Td81iwCGWyM[/youtube]

Also, what kind of permits do you need to get to dig a grave in a graveyard and hang out in it? Or maybe those are two different filming sessions—one in a graveyard and one in a big hole in the ground? This will keep me awake at night...

Catherine Feeny plays Laurelthirst next Friday evening. She puts on a good show.

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