Starbucks is all about cushy lifestyle porn. Stumptown is all about beans.
(And the tight pants—Ed.)
The Hamburger: A History
In cities across America, a fervid generation of caffeine evangelists are changing the way we drink coffee. They tend to be male, heavily bearded, zealous and meticulous in what they do. And the coffee they produce is as much an improvement over Starbucks and its rivals as Starbucks was over Taster's Choice....

...What all the third wave coffee people have in common is a thinly veiled revulsion at Starbucks and its rivals, in particular the way they overroast their beans. "Coffee beans aren't supposed to be uniformly dark and shiny," says John Moore of Dallis. "Every bean has a level it's supposed to be roasted to, so that you can taste it. Otherwise it's like cooking all meat well done."
And what's the fourth wave going to be?
WW's Cheap Eats Guide 2010...
Sterling Coffee Roasters
2120 NW Glisan St., 8 am-6 pm daily.
Portland's newest and craziest cafe is the micro-est micro-roaster in town—and perhaps in the country.