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Why it's a Good Time to be Blue Giant

Blue Giant album artPortland-based rock/Americana outfit Blue Giant—founded by Viva Voce's Kevin and Anita Robinson—has a new disc coming out on July 13 on Vanguard Records. I haven't listened to it enough yet to get you a verdict, save for to say that it sounds really, really good from a technical standpoint. We'll get into that later, though. Right now I just want to give the band a digital high-five.

When your band gets to the point where it's on the same label that Odetta and Joan Baez and Earl Scruggs and John Lee Hooker have been on, that's a really big deal. I'm sure the band's goals for this record are loftier than just, you know, existing—but Vanguard is a pretty sweet label and a historically important one as well. So here's a digital high-five to Blue Giant. It has got to feel pretty great to get your album, open it up, and have the disc face look like this:

BG disc

So, so sweet. Congrats!

Blue Giant plays July 13th at Music Millennium at 7 pm and July 14 at Jackpot Records at 6 pm. The band will perform one side of its new record at each date. Neat!

"Blue Sunshine," from the new disc:

Blue GiantSpace
An adorable picture of Anita Robinson at age 7.
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