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Tu Fawning Sticks it to The Man, Starts Own Label

tu fawningWhether they're great or not, artsy slow-core bands don't get too many big (or often small) record companies beating down their doors to sign them up these days. So Tu Fawning—the local supergroup that includes 31Knots Joe Haege and chanteuse Corrina Repp—is turning its back on the fat-cat music moguls and taking control of its own artistic destiny by launching a new artist-owned and operated label called Provenance Records.

From the band's press release:
We have all seen enough to know that many artists sacrifice creative control, even in small ways, upon deciding to work with a 3rd party. Hell, they (record labels) used to decide what song you'd play, who'd you play with and when you'd release it...and then they might not pay you! While it may not be that bad anymore, at least on the independent label level, you are still a commodity. Art will always take a backseat to the notion of moving units. But what happens when you are driving the car and you invite art to the front seat?

The time has come for us to go at it ourselves. Ladies and Gentlemen, let us proudly introduce you to Provenance Records, our artist-owned and operated record label.

Main prov·e·nance
Pronunciation: ?präv-n?n(t)s, ?prä-v?-?nän(t)s
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from provenir to come forth, originate, from Latin provenire, from pro- forth + venire to come
Date: 1785

1 : origin, source
2 : the history of ownership of a valued object or work of art or literature of a valued object or work of art or literature

Yes, the name has meaning. We want you to know that we have chosen to know where we're coming from with our music and that we believe enough in it to put our monies where our mouths are. No attempt to appear bigger than we are, or as if we have some alternate agenda of making the label more important than the music.

The band will release its debut album, Hearts On Hold, via the label in late August/early July, and for now, Provenance will remain a strictly "members only" affair: It probably won't be taking on any other artists or bands, but has foreshadowed some solo releases from both Haege and Repp in the near future.

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