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Dirty Mittens Want To Be Your VIP

Dirty_Mittens_VIPEveryone knows that the record industry is dying a slow, painful death. The problem is that no one has a solution. While the Radiohead "pay as much as you want" model might work for bigger bands, it certainly can't help young, developing outfits that don't have the same established fan base. Nowadays artists have to find a way to sell something more than a tangible, physical album, and it's led to a lot of out-of-the-box thinking to move units. Yet, despite all the fear mongering, there's one positive sign: as record sales continue to drag, more and more bands are finding creative ways to push not only their music but their brand.

Tomorrow night, local pop group Dirty Mittens play at Mississippi Studios. The band is giving away 100 copies of its new demo to the first people through the door, but its not stopping there. Check out this promotion strategy, straight from the keyboard of guitarist Ben Hubbird:

We're making VIP Punch cards, like you get at the coffee shop. They're designed and illustrated by ibrontosaurus.com and are really beautiful and amazing.

If you come to 5 shows and get us to punch your card each time, you can redeem the card for a super awesome prize. Basically whatever you want: a copy of our album when it's released, drink beers with us at practice, a shirt, make-outs with any eligible band member, a free show, we come over and make you dinner, whatevers.

Pretty cool, huh?

You bet it's cool! So much that I'm surprised that no other local band that I know of has tried the same strategy. But watch out, Mittens: after I get my five punches I expect a five-course meal and a makeout sesh with Hubbird. That's just how I roll.

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