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MFNW Diaries: Saturday and Sunday

IMG_5211Today's diaries come from (in no particular order) AP "Chinatown" Kryza, David "I'm such an asshole" Robinson, Mark "Eagle Eye" Stock (MS), Matthew "Laker Fan" Singer (MSR), Justin "Kickenbaque" Kent (videos), Jenny "British Intern" Booth, Michael "What Year is it?" Mannheimer, Matthew "Carnage" Korfhage and Casey "Opposite of Fair" Jarman. It's been a helluva long weekend. Hope you had as much fun (and drank less) than we did. -Ed.


8:30 am @ Home
Just realized I had a tuna sandwich last night at the after party. I realized this when I found pieces of a tuna sandwich in my vomit. APK

2:33 pm @ Doug Fir
Despite the fact that they're giving two drink tickets to anyone with an MFNW wristband, there really isn't anyone here. I hear through the grapevine that somebody forgot to put the date on the posters/ads. I don't really want to drink, but I will drink for free. Mimicking Birds plays tender, trippy folk-pop and I think that's Nate Lacy's dad in the corner under the huge cowboy hat. "The Trail Boss," they call him. There's a guy laying flat out in the middle of the dancefloor, using his backpack for a pillow. CJ

Ezra Carey by Rodrigo Melgarejo
Ezra Carey

5 pm @ my text message box
First Vincent Gallo is sighted in Portland, and now Lauren Hutton. I can think of only one reason that both of these people would be in Portland this weekend: they're getting married. It'll be beautiful. They will honeymoon at all 16 Modest Mouse shows. Call US Weekly if you must, but you heard it here first. MK

5:36 pm @ bed
Maybe a 6 pm breakfast will help finally stop this shaking. MFNW, you've got an awful lot to answer for. DR

6:33 pm @ The Woods
A more succesful daytime show at The Woods, where Bobby Bare, Jr. just soundchecked for like a half hour while the audience waited patiently. It pays off when the band starts, sounding thick as hell in the small room. Bobby explains that he and his father are working on a compilation of Shel Silverstein songs that features Dr. Dog and My Morning Jacket among others. Bobby Jr. and Sr. play "Cover of the Rolling Stone" on the disc, and Bobby and his ban tackle a rousing version for the folks at The Woods. CJ

8:01 pm @ Someday Lounge
If MFNW has taught me anything, it's this: Stages are so 2008. Monotonix, Mint Chicks and now Breakfast Mountain have all eschewed playing above us common folk in favor of getting down to our level—our level being the dirty, nasty-ass club floor. Full disclosure: the main dude in BM is my friend's brother. But they're one of the more interesting electro-whatever groups in town. If only they'd keep their ironic-rapping hipster friends away from the microphone. MSR

8:20 pm @ Someday Lounge
The drummer from Breakfast Mountain—a hip-hop-infused synth-and-drum duo—appears to hate his drums. Perched behind a simple kit on the floor (the band also hates the stage, but that's another story), dude is violently pounding his drums as if at any point they'll come to life and try to kill him. When the set is over, he stands up, and we realize perhaps he's hitting them so hard because he's about six-foot-nine, and his hands have a long way to go to get to that snare. APK

8:55 pm @ Car, freeway
Going to patrol the northeast tonight with an annotated gig plan of bands I've not heard much before, so this could be awesome, or really shite. Musicfest is already taking its toll; alcohol is seeping out of my pores, my skin's disgusting, I've got shivers and no attention span. But who'd want it any other way? JB

9 pm @ Backspace
The So So Glos are cute and all, but they are obviously not not scientists or magicians. Their set was plagued with troubles that the power of punky young love just couldn't solve. Question of the night: "Does anybody have a bass head?" Meanwhile, the children of Backspace lovingly touched each other's hair. Seriously: everybody in the crowd was touching each other's hair during the whole set. Is this some new chaste emo-teen fad i didn't know about? Hair fondling? Again, call Dateline if you must, but: you heard it here first. Also, the girls and boys had seemingly all swapped pants before the show. MK

9:03 pm @ Jimmy Mak's
In the middle of his jazz-infused hip-hop set, emcee/poet Chaucer Barnes invites his wife on stage and says something about tonight being a personal journey. The band launches into the song and Barnes begins his eloquent flow, shaking his long dreadlocks around as he sings while perched in a chair. But his wife isn't on stage to sing. She grabs a pair of scissors and begins to slowly cut off his long dreads while he performs a song with lyrics that chart his personal journeys, and suggest a bun in the oven.

In doing this, the Barneses have completely subverted the Samson and Delilah story. With each snip of his hair, Chaucer Barnes seems to grow more powerful. And for some reason, the act seems to make nearly every heart in the room swell. APK

9:09 pm @ Jimmy Mak's
I'm mostly here to harass my friend who's working the door, but right now Chaucer Barnes is having his new wife cut off his small-of-the-back-length dreads while he sits on a stool and raps. Honestly, that's far more daring than anything Monotonix did last night. MS

9:10 pm @ East End
I love this basement venue,and tonight the crowd is all delightfully grubby hippie types. Reminds me, I really need a new tea-cosy hat. Blue Horns are playing a fairly rousing set, proper rock n roll rhythms, and there's something of Caleb Followill in the singer's delivery. Can't make out a word he's saying but he definitely means it. Also can't decide if the Russell Brand look is a good thing or not. JB

9:25 pm @ East Burnside, walking over the bridge
Walking across the Burnside bridge to head over to the LC showcase and Panther show at Backspace. I came home to find my bike had a flat, and I'm not risking driving downtown again. It's because it's hard to park, not that I'm going to be too sloshed to drive home, okay? MM

9:33 pm, still walking to downtown
I just realized that the only food I've had today is a turkey sandwich at 4 pm. Plus coffee and two shots of whiskey. Oh, MFNW. MM

9:45 pm @ Dante's
Ninjas played outside, on the sidewalk. Well—High Karate played outside. My friend had wanted to see the band because it was Asian-themed and he himself is also Asian-themed, as was his companion. He was disappointed, however, to see white faces peeking out from underneath those hoods. MK

9:45 pm @ W Burnside, en route to Crystal Ballroom
WW reporter Matthew Singer and I are taking pulls off a pint of Jim Beam. He looks squeamish. “Do you know how hard it is for me to put liquid down my throat?” he asks. Rather than go with an easy “that's what she said,” I slug him violently in the shoulder. He then easily puts liquid down his throat. APK

9:46 pm @ the streets
Just a monumental achievement leaving the house tonight given current circumstances ie. total effing liver collapse. Please note self-censorship of f-word. Concerted effort tonight to cut down on profanity, distasteful R Kelly references etc. DR

9:46 PM @ Backspace
Just walked into Backspace to catch the tail-end of the So So Glos set. Immediately throw off my bag and jumped into the mosh pit with Arya, Nick, Alex, and a bunch of 17-year-old kids. Yeah, those whiskey shots were a good idea. MM

9:50 pm @ Berbati's Pan
Avi Buffalo's singer seems to have just cracked puberty, judging from the voice. Yes—almost exactly like like Peter Brady, if that's what you were wondering. We didn't stay long, but it was enough time to be told multiple times to visit the merch table and pick up stickers with secret codes that allow people to download their song. One admires the ambition, but I'm pretty sure Pepsi-Cola was the first to try out that particular marketing technique. MK

Team Dresch by Jarod Opperman
Team Dresch @ Rotture

9:52 pm @ Rotture
Is this a gay bar or just a special evening? [Editor's Note: Mostly the latter] Lovers start their set early to their peril—I've noticed any early starters this weekend have gone on to be mired with tech difficulties. So no surprise when a long anecdote about Team Dresch turns into an admission that they've got a broken tuner. JB

10:00 pm @ BackSpace
We can't stay anywhere long—press wristbands seem to be a leading cause of ADD. And so back to Backspace, where the girls and boys have now also swapped haircuts, and someone had absconded with Panther's keyboardist. Apparently, however, all you need to back up a dance like Charlie's is a drum kit. MK

10:04 pm @ Rotture
Is it naïve to really want to get chatted up by a lesbian? No joy as of yet. Putting myself right out there too. I think the Lovers girls'd get on with La Roux. The early rolling electro numbers with a drum pulse are pretty atmospheric, and I can actually hear the words. The beardy man in front of me is dancing with particular aplomb. I must need another drink. JB

10:12 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
After a particularly rollicking song, a seemingly overwhelmed Lanmghorne Slim looks out into a sea of people and says “This room sounds crazy.” Sounds crazy? You aren't feeling the floor undulate, Slim. APK

10:15 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
Somebody put a strap on Langhorne Slim's hat, it keeps falling off. My friend tells me he's like M.Ward, with James Brown's attitude. And I agree. He keeps asking, “Can I get a yeah?” Of course he can, especially if his three-piece keeps turning out their uber energetic Barbecue Rock. MS

10:17 @ Backspace
Panther are really fucking loud at Backspace. Maybe this new sound system is too much. But the invisible pianos kill. I think Charlie is controlling them with his mind. MM

10:20 pm @ Rotture
Well Lovers had a good start but now it's all just making me sleepy. East End is so near, I'm making a dash for it to catch the end of Gratitillium. JB

Langhorne Slim by Nick Albertson

10:20 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
For some reason, I can't help but think of Langhorne Slim as the anti-James Taylor. The man is making me reevaluate my staunch stance pegging most musicians who identify themselves as singer/songwriters as self-absorbed pussies. Slim is simply amazing, and engaging with his audience as if each member was a friend. It doesn't hurt that dude's down with balls-out rocking between melodic moments. APK

10:23 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
Langhorne Slim just made me spill my beer… all over the lady in front of me. She doesn't seem to care. APK

10:25 @ Backspace
Panther closing with "Love is Sold," which might be my favorite song on Entropy. Short but vicious set. I think I'm still too hungover to tweet anything that's actually funny. MM

10:26 pm @ East End
Wow it's way more packed for Gratitillium. One player's got his top off, and others have aardvark and monkey head gear on. Ignoring the gimmicks, this band is playing a very varied range of Baltic punk to fast folk-rock. Sometimes there's a cello, sometimes there's a sax. Sometimes there's every instrument at the same time, very loud. That song was not so good: Generally a good pick though. JB

10:30 pm @ Someday Lounge
40-year old women dancing to hip hop. MK

Luck-One by Rodrigo Melgarejo

10:34 pm @ Someday Lounge
Luck-One tells the crowd that, while he forgot his skinny jeans at home, he still had to get emo on us. CJ

10:40 pm @ Backspace
Decision time: do I go see Get Up Kids? 90% of what they play will undoubtedly be excruciating. Too late—closed out my card and started walking. DR

10:48 pm @ Berbati's
Last time I saw the Morning Benders they played at a small co-op in Berkeley in what, 2006? Friends of the ex, this brings back a lotta memories. It could be one of those nights. MM

10:50 pm @ Berbati's
The Morning Benders singer and guitar/keys man are wearing identical baby blue botton-downs and cardigans. I think they shop at Walkmen-r-us. MM

10:52 pm @ Roseland
This was surely an awful choice. I'm waaaay too sober for this. Bet there's about as much point seeing GUKs in 2k9 sober as there is ever doing karaoke sober. DR

10:55 pm @ East End
Was sure the Doug Fir was on the cards but no, Church are playing here, this is all so easy! And gosh the drinks are strong, and cheap. My resolve is going right out the window. Pretty sure Brianne Mees is stalking me, too. JB

11:10 pm @ East End
Excited about Church, especially as their cymbal is festooned with tinsel and fairy lights, that's quite a look. Jared Mees is handing out confetti to pelt, and warning us that the first song is very quiet, “so act like you're in a church, or watching Church in a library”. A guy behind me who loves the sound of his own voice, quips “I can't hear you”, and then “I hate church, I hate Jesus!” Some racists behind me are also saying they hate Portugal. They clarify that they mean "Portugal. The Man," but we all know it's a lie. JB

Builders and the Butchers by Nick Albertson

11:15 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
Builders and the Butchers front man Ryan Sollee is reminiscing about the band's storied history with MusicFest, and the memories, fuzzy though they are, come pouring back. Two years ago at Slabtown, with the band marching around the venue. Last year at Berbati's, when the show turned into a swampy revival, drums floating across the audience. Now the band is playing “Bottom of the Lake” to a packed Crystal Ballroom, perched atop a stage and protected by guardrails. As always, the band kills it, but the reminiscing also makes me realize that I will likely never again get to see this band at a small venue like Slabtown, where we weren't simply encouraged to interact the band. It was unavoidable. APK

11:15 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
Blind Pilot is a brave bunch of soft-spoken folkies to headline over a party-starting gaggle like the Builders and the Butchers. I can't imagine them following this, but a few thousand NPR listeners can't be wrong. MS

John Vanderslice by Inger Klekacz
John Vanderslice at Berbati's Pan

11:28 pm @ Berbati's
John Vanderslice starting 20 minutes late but opening with "Too Much Time." This is the song with the Mt. Hood line, and John loves to engage with the audience. He stops and asks which direction Mt. Hood is after the line name drop but the crowd can't seem to tell him which way to point. Hey, at least everyone here is as hungover as I am. MM

11:30 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
Show of the night, by most scattered accounts, though my thoughts wandered to the Grouper show I was guiltily, sadly missing across town. Nonetheless, I wanted anthemic shanties and shambling old-tyme with horns, and that's what I got. I was tired and wounded, still, from the rest of the weekend and the deeply upsetting amount of alcohol I'd inhaled at the afterparty, and wanted to end on triumphal notes of things lost. Stuck, still for Blind Pilot, however, who were kind enough to play a version of MGMT's "Kids" in honor of the birthday of a friend in the crowd. What pals. Still, quiet bands after more demonstrative bands fare badly among large crowds of festival-damaged drunks who don't even know what they're looking at, and Blind Pilot's delicate bedroom music struggled to crest the din. Or, for that matter, the din in my head, which had grown alarmingly loud. MK

11:34 @ Someday Lounge
IAME: "We're all winners tonight in my book; I wrote a book, it's called We're All Winners Tonight." CJ

11:40 pm @ East End
Church is fucking awesome. Any band with two drummers wins in my book (see Go! Team). Harmonies and pop and beats and goodness. Ooh they're playing again in two days time then leaving town for ages. Take heed. This stage has seen a most eclectic range of footwear - brogues, Chelsea boots, and red painted bare male toes so far. JB

11:03pm @ Roseland
So the Get Up Kids play one of the good tunes off the only good album. Cool. Then it's that fucking heinous "Be My Valentine" song and I have to leave. DR

11: 30 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
The Builders and the Butchers are a pleasant treat, keeping the intensity level - which Langorne Slim set so high - just as high. They're vocal battles, mediated by classic string instrumentation, are tremendous. I swear there's smoke wafting from their guitars, they could not be strumming any faster. The Ballroom floor trembles. MS

11:33pm @ Backspace
Titus Andronicus is completely tearing up Backspace. Kids are going totally nuts. Sometimes I'm smart and leave Get Up Kids shows. DR

11:55pm @ Dante's
Off to Dante's for Frank Black. Eight years ago I saw him in an English field and he played shitloads of Pixies songs. Baby-faced bastard better do that again. DR

12:06 am @ Rontoms
Waiting in line for the girl's bathroom is taking FOREVER. Am told last act, the Light Pines, played very good brooding rock. And there's a dance night at Ascension later. Noted. JB

12:20 am @ Dante's
Frank Black looks bored. He's typically stoic, but tonight he just doesn't look very into it as he stands, fairly motionless and strumming Pixies tunes. His stoicism is rubbing off on the audience. Perhaps if I drink three more beers…. APK

12:20 am @ Crystal Ballroom
Just when I begin to worry about Blind Pilot's stage presence, they play a picture-perfect cover of MGMT's “Kids.” In fact, it's better than the original, rawer and armed with brass. I'm in a bit of a sound vacuum just below the hanging speakers but I stay because I'm able to hear the instruments before that sound is sent through the maze of cords and speakers. It's like having Blind Pilot in my living room. They try out a few new ones on us without pause and the results are favorable. Silky smooth stuff. MS

12:27 am @ Berbati's
So stoked for Beach House. I wonder if Victoria will respond to my catcalls. MM

12:30 am @ Dante's
Frank Black still looks bored, and now I'm drunk as piss. APK

12:30 am @ Dante's
I'm dropping pieces of burrito from that awesome nearby cart all over the Dante's floor. If the Michelin Man wore Bono glasses, he'd look like Frank Black. I don't want to be one of those guys complaining that he's not playing enough Pixies songs, but PLAY MORE PIXIES SONGS, FRANK! This crowd is a lot more polite than the one that sat through Frank in Santa Barbara last year: By this point half the audience was gone. But, alas, I am in cab out front as he starts “Gouge Away.” MS

12:33 am @ Dante's
Can't believe how politely and quietly everyone here is waiting for duder to play more Pixies shit. We're just all so pleasant in this town. DR

12:41 am @ Dante's.
FUCK YES, HE JUST PLAYED HOLIDAY SONG. You'd figure it must suck knowing nothing you've written in the last 15 years means shit to anyone in your audience, but somehow I don't think Frank Black could give less of a shit. DR

12:48 am @ Berbati's
Oh, Victoria, you had me at that wordless coo. I think the entire room is in love with her. MM

The Love Language by Bobby McHugh
The Love Language_Bobby McHugh

12:50 am @ Rontoms
The Love Language makes a euphoric start, but no one's moving. How do I always end up surrounded by amorous couples?! Halfway through, the LL brings out the bouncing numbers and this is definitely a good turn. An anonymous WW staffer is dancing so awesomely she just fell flat on the floor. Props. JB

12:55 am @ Dante's.
Who knew that singing along disgustingly to Caribou and wrecking evenings around me could be such a sheeeetload of fun? God, I'm an asshole. DR

12:55 am @ Berbati's
If this new Beach House song isn't a huge single by February, then I quit music. MM

1:06 am @ Dante's.
Sometimes you get good feelings about stuff; For instance, any moment now Frank Black is going to play Gouge Away, I'll be invited to another open bar, and some girl will marry my immigrant ass so I can stay in the land of the free and do this shit again next year. DR

1:12 am @ Dante's.

1:19 am @ Dante's.
Gouge Away just got played. C'mon, next up: open bar, willing bride. I control this shit. DR

1:30 am @ a cab
Muhwabadulbab. Huh? APK

1:33 am @ Berbati's
Beach House encore with "Apple Orchard." This song got me through last year. It's tough to pick favorites at this point, but the BH set is just so triumphant, and I think I've fallen in love like 15 times in the last hour. Plus it helps when you stand to the side of the stage and can feel the whoosh of the bass and drum machine. MM

1:40 AM @ Someday Lounge
I tell my friend Adam that Sleep from the Chicharones might be the fastest rapper in the world, but Sleep hasn't given us any evidence yet. Moments later, he launches into some crazy mile-a-minute shit. Adam's jaw drops. He looks like he's just seen his parents killed before his eyes. Remind me to vote Chicharones for best new band next year. Easily one of Portland's best live shows. Ears ringing, voice gone, I couldn't be having more fun.

1:49 am @ Dante's.
When Frank Black is brings a two-hour set to a close by chugging wine from the bottle and playing "Velouria," things are probably pretty ok. DR

2 am @ away from the fray
Am I not in bed? What is this drink? Where is my food? Who are you people? Will this festival not leave my poor, sick, addled, unwashed body alone? MK

2:23 am outside Valentines
Victoria and Alex from Beach House, plus this short chubby dude who looks like a hipster Ron Jeremy, are loitering outside Valentines and trying to find an open bar. Should I send 'em to Mary's club? Magic Gardens? Home with me? MM

2:25 am @ Rontoms' door
Saturday night should really go on longer. I'm strong-armed out of the bar and off to an Arrested Development marathon instead. JB

2:26 am @ a road
Ah shit. I have to get up at 7 am for Race for the Cure tomorrow. JB

2:30 am still outside Valentines
So I never professed my love to Victoria, but she did eye fuck me for a bit. Or maybe I'm just seeing things or projecting at this point but DUDES IT TOTALLY HAPPENED. I decide to walk home, maybe I'll actually get to sleep before 3 for the first time all week. MM


7:10 p.m. @ Crystal Ballroom
If the folks standing in the two block-long line outside the Crystal knew it was only half-full in here, a full-on class war would break out. As my friend said, “You white wristbands can just walk right on. Us coloreds have to wait.” MSR

7:15 @ Crystal Ballroom
If all those people in line for Modest Mouse saw how empty it was inside, I think they'd throw up in their mouths. CJ

7:17 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
Despite AP Kryza's suspicions about “hippies with bangs,” we both agree that Morning Teleportation is pretty fucking good. These little stoner kids even busted out a damn Peter Frampton voicebox! Some of their songs suffer from ADD, cramming too many ideas into too small a space, but their keyboardist is wearing a disco ball jacket that Brian Eno would've worn in his Roxy Music days, so it's all good. Who knew Isaac Brock had any taste? Whenever he puts out their record, he'll get my money. Well, I'll download it, anyway.

7:35 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
The kids up front must think Morning Teleportation just won the world cup: flags, dancing, etc. CJ

8 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
You win, mfnw. Going home to lick my wounds. Too tired to stand. I'll see modest mouse tomorrow. It's all on Jenny Booth now. CJ

Mimicking Birds by Inger Klekacz
Love As Laughter at the Crystal Ballroom

8:15 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
Uh, how did the Mimicking Birds guitarist break a string? I barely even knew a band was playing. As the room fills up, they're totally getting overtaken by ambient talking. Which sucks for them, but they're making no attempt to reclaim the audience. Frankly, this softly strummed folk shit is doing nothing for our energy levels after five days of standing, power-walking, drinking and barely sleeping. People aren't here to enjoy this show, they're just hoping to survive it. And considering how not excited I am for Modest Mouse, I don't think I'll make it myself. MSR

8:20 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
The last show of MFNW is here already, and can't help thinking it's a shame there's only one gig to choose from. I hear Morning Teleportation were good, but Mimicking Birds aren't having a great night. Reckon they'd be super at home in the Doug Fir or Rontoms, but they're drowning in the massive open space and apathy here. JB

8:45 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
Taking the wristband off feels like getting a cast removed. It's so good to feel like an old man again! CJ

8:45 pm @ Crystal
Doesn't help seeing the show with a sound engineer who's pointing out just why Mimicking Birds are having a nightmare. Think most people haven't noticed they're playing, and at the end of a manic five festival days, my energy levels are not what they were. Having more fun checking the music fest twitter, which is speaking my mind. JB

Love as Laughter by inger Klekacz
Love as Laughter at Crystal Ballroom

9:14 pm @ Crystal
Why do Love as Laughter have backing singers? They're entirely lost in the droning noise, and run on and off stage every two minutes. Just realized I've worn and slept in the same skirt for the whole of the festival. That's hot. JB

9:16 pm @ Crystal
The guy next to me loves this band, I do not. They've been singing "da da da da da da da da" for fucking ages now. JB

9:43 pm @ Crystal
Surprise! Love as Laughter kinda redeem themselves with the last three songs, where you could actually hear rock n roll rhythms and a bit of variation. Lyrics include "shoot me in the head". JB

10:17 pm @ The most uncomfortable ballroom
Philosophical question for the day: do most guys use busy crowds as an excuse to brush up against boobs? Cos I've been flagrantly molested by specky guy for ten minutes now and have nowhere to move. RRRRG. Modest Mouse you're gonna have to play the show of your life to make this worth it. JB

10:41 pm @ Crystal Ballroom
Ugh. I'm sorry, Modest Mouse just bores the shit out of me. I was hoping this show would change that opinion, but it's not. Although to be fair, it'd take a rather monumental performance to make want to continue standing for this. I'm going to watch the rest of the show from Lola's Room. MSR

11:19 pm @ Crystal
To be honest, the best bits are when Isaac Brock chats away, saying he's "cute and adorable, like 50 pounds of dead puppies. Are dead puppies still cute?" He later talks about the "bands = $ = speed boats" equation, and how he'll have to flood everywhere he wants go with the tears of the vanquished, so he can ride in on a chariot pulled by a hundred speedboats. As I'm thinking, 'ooh you've got my attention,' angry man shouts "play some fucking music." Brock: "you seriously think that's not going to happen?? Like this is the rest of the show? Shut the fuck up dummy". JB

11:30 pm @ Lola's Room at Crystal Ballroom
Now everyone else in my crew has joined me. The show is being simulcast on an HD TV and the music is getting pumped in through speakers. It's the next best thing to being there, except I can sit down and I don't have to allow Isaac Brock's obnoxious yelp contributing to my growing tinnitus. So it's actually better than being there! Until the Crystal decides to kick us out, and not even our white wristbands can save us. It truly is the end of MFNW, isn't it? MSR

Midnight @ Crystal Ballroom
MFNW is over, and yet I still have my wristband on. I'm trying to convince myself it's for practical purposes—like, if another Heineken sponsored music festival comes to town, I'll be able to cut in line if I still have it on. But really, it's still attached because, after five days, it's part of my body now. Sort of like James Woods' stomach vagina in Videodrome. Long live the new flesh! MSR

12:10 pm @ The only gig in town
Well they've played something like 1 hour 40, and half the audience has left. Managed to get my feet moving for last few songs but now waiting a bit too long for an encore. The band is obviously going to come back on because the lights haven't gone up, but after 15 mins hanging around I'm really not bothered. Entirely not the last sentiment I want to share from MFNW, but fuck this, I'm going home. JB

Modest Mouse by Nick Albertson
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