Memories From Last Week’s Pdx Pop Now! Fest

The Mint Chicks get tricky
Mint Chicks frontman Kody Nielson has the best microphone tricks around. He was swinging that thing like crazy on Friday.

Explode Into Colors draws the line
"I want everyone to get onstage," Claudia Meza told the crowd before recognizing the fly girl who had hijacked Animal Farm's set. "Except you!"

Deelay Ceelay breaks a sweat
Even after an early technical hiccup, Deelay Ceelay put on the most celebratory set of the weekend, complete with confetti, "Sloop John B," and a ridiculous T.I. mashup.

Menomena reclaims its crown
The best band in Portland killed its first (!) ever performance at PPN!, debuting a new song and playing the weekend's only encore.

Korean tacos
All other food is shit.